WATCH: LeBron James flaunts his dance moves with wife Savannah and daughter Zhuri

Savannah James shares a wholesome video giving glimpse into the dancing routine of the James family.

WATCH: LeBron James flaunts his dance moves with wife Savannah and daughter Zhuri

LeBron James shows off dance moves with daughter Zhuri and wife Savannah (Image via people/X)

LeBron James is a family man and spends quality time with them. The NBA superstar shares three wonderful kids with his wife, Savannah James. Their youngest and only daughter, Zhuri James, recently captured the spotlight on social media. The 39-year-old athlete often gives in to whatever his daughter asks him to do.

Recently, Savannah James shared a wholesome video on her Instagram story. In the video, the Los Angeles Lakers star danced with wife and daughter Zhuri leading the pack. The couple’s nine-year-old daughter danced at the front. It displayed her confident demeanor. The video quickly caught the netizens’ attention as fans loved watching James spend time with his family.

This is not the first time fans have seen LeBron James break into some dance moves. However, dancing at home with the ladies of the house made the video more wholesome. The mother-daughter duo has previously showcased their dance moves together, but James decided to join for the first time. Bronny James and Bryce James have remained more popular on social media than Zhuri. Hence, basketball fans loved to see this collaboration between LeBron James and his daughter.

The video was shared after the player’s amazing performance against the Atlanta Hawks on Monday. The Lakers’ forward led the team to a blowout win at 136-105. James scored a double-double with 25 points, seven rebounds, and ten assists in just 29 minutes.

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LeBron James wholesomely spoils daughter on her day off

Zhuri is James’ only daughter, and he has two older sons. Hence, the player has a special spot for the youngest. The athlete recently shared a wholesome moment with the daughter on her day off. James showed off having a “Daddy-Daughter Day” in his wife Savannah’s absence.

LeBron James and Zhuri James
LeBron James and Zhuri celebrated Day-Daughter Day (Image via People)

The Lakers star took the opportunity to spoil his daughter with a delicious breakfast and some cartoons. The dad and daughter duo spent quality time together in the absence of Savannah James. James shared the moment on Instagram, showing off his beautiful bond with his daughter. James also revealed the importance of having his daughter attend one of his games recently.

Fans were melted by the heartwarming moment. Getting a glimpse of the player as a dad received love from fans. James always supports all his children in their respective sports. The star always makes an effort to attend important games for his children. The older sons both play basketball, and Zhuri has hinted an interest in volleyball. The whole family certainly shares a great bond.

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