LeBron James defends ‘CLASSLESS’ Angel Reese after she mocked Caitlyn Clark in the NCAA women’s basketball Final

LSU Tigers Beat Iowa Hawkeyes in NCAA Women's Championship Finals, as LeBron James Highlights Media Double Standards

LeBron James defends ‘CLASSLESS’ Angel Reese after she mocked Caitlyn Clark in the NCAA women’s basketball Final

In a thrilling matchup between the Louisville State University Tigers and Iowa Hawkeyes, LSU emerged as the winner of the NCAA Women’s Championship Finals. The star player for LSU, Angel Reese, received some criticism for her boasting of the win over Iowa.


However, Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James came to her support and retweeted tweets from Emmanuel Acho and David Aldridge to show the double standards of the media in the way they treat Reese and Caitlin Clark differently.

During the match, Reese celebrated her team’s win by doing a gesture that was a copy of Caitlin Clark’s celebration during her Final Four win celebration. Clark’s “you can’t see me” gesture was seen as a great moment, but Reese’s gesture was declared as classless.

The media’s double standards in the treatment of the two players have been highlighted by LeBron James, who has been vocal about social issues and injustices. James’ support for Reese shows his commitment to equality and fairness in sports.


In the end, the LSU Tigers defeated the Iowa Hawkeyes with a scoreboard of 85-102. Caitlin Clark’s performance in the match was phenomenal, as she scored 30 points, but it was not enough for their team’s win. Angel Reese also showed her talent, scoring 15 points and ten rebounds. Both players demonstrated their skills and have a promising future in the NBA.

The match between LSU and Iowa was one of the most exciting matchups in years, and the talent of both teams was on full display. The future looks bright for women’s basketball, with players like Reese and Clark leading the way.

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LeBron James Matches Jason Kidd’s Triple-Double Record

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Lebron James (image via LM Otero / Associated Press)

LeBron James continued his historic climb up the all-time triple-double list, matching Jason Kidd’s record of 107 triple-doubles on Sunday night in a win over the Houston Rockets. This was his second triple-double of the season, a relatively low number by his standards, but still a remarkable feat.


James’ triple-double included 18 points, ten rebounds, and 11 assists, adding another page to his storied career. He now sits in fourth place all-time, behind Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson, and Russell Westbrook. James is known for his all-around game, and his ability to contribute in every aspect of the game is a testament to his greatness.

While two triple-doubles may not seem like a big deal for James, it is important to note that he had 13 triple-doubles during the 2019-20 season. He had six in the previous season and five in the one before that, showing that he is still a dominant force in the league.

James has been making history since he entered the NBA, and he continues to cement his legacy as one of the greatest players of all time. He has led his teams to numerous championships and has won countless awards, and his climb up the triple-double list is just another feather in his cap. Fans eagerly await to see what other records he will break as he continues to play at an elite level.

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