LeBron James drops truth bomb on future plans involving his son Bronny James

LeBron James drops truth bomb on future plans involving his son Bronny James

LeBron James

When everything is said and done and LeBron James has hung his shoes, his legacy would live forever. But what would everyone in the basketball world remember LeBron for? His titles? His MVPs? His durability? None fall any short of spectacular. However, Los Angeles Lakers perhaps has a different legacy in his mind, to play with his son Bronny James. 

In a recent interview with NBA insider Dave McMenamin, LeBron talked about his desire to play with his son Bronny. “I need to get on the court with my son, I want to be on the court with Bronny,” James said claiming he doesn’t really care about if they play for different teams or the same team. He just wants to play with his son. “Either with the same team or in a game against him. I don’t mean we’ll do one on one in a game, but I’d love to do something Ken Griffey Sr. and Jr. style. It would be awesome, no doubt,” James added. 


“Bronny” James, is already one of the most talked about NBA prospects in the country. In fact, he may not even have to go to college in order to begin his NBA journey! The current Collective Bargaining Agreement for the NBA is valid through the 2023–2024 season, but both the NBA and the NBPA have the option to terminate it earlier. The CBA would end on June 30, 2023, if this occurred before the deadline of December 15 this year.

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LeBron James says his son Bronny wants to play in the NBA

Lebron James with his son Bronny James

The last time when LeBron James sat for an interview with his wife Savannah James after she said she wants her son to be happy, the 4 x MVP blatantly said that he just wants to play with his son. However, when Dave asked the Lakers star about he said he does ask his son about his aspirations. He also said that he wants to play in the league. “I ask him what his aspirations are and he says he wants to play in the NBA. if he wants to do that, he has to work for it. I’m already here, I’m just waiting for him,” he added. 


Playing with his son Bronny would be an unprecedented achievement for the Lakers star. Never been in the history of the league. James is gearing up for his 20th season in the NBA as Bronny begins his senior year at Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles, California. James’ contract with the Los Angeles Lakers was just extended this offseason, keeping him under contract through the 2023–2024 season with a player option for the 2024–25 season. This keeps him under contract until exactly the time that his son might be ready to enter the NBA.

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