WATCH: LeBron James Laughs at Dillon Brooks’ BIZARRE stare down at the Lakers stadium

LeBron's amused response to Brooks' Intense Stare: A glimpse into NBA's mind games.

WATCH: LeBron James Laughs at Dillon Brooks’ BIZARRE stare down at the Lakers stadium

LeBron James trying his best to ignore Dillon Brook's death stare but gives in and grins (via HouseOfHighlights)

A recent pre-game moment has captured the attention of basketball fans. Dillon Brooks of the Houston Rockets engaged in an unusual stare-down with LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers. As Brooks stood on the court, glaring intently at James, the Lakers star responded with a series of grins, seemingly amused by Brooks’ antics.

As LeBron walked around during the pre-game warmup, he noticed Brooks staring at him ominously. He pretended not to notice but ended up looking at Brooks multiple times to check if he was still on it, each time grinning more mischievously while continuing to dribble the ball.


Dillon Brooks is known for his competitive spirit and intensity on the court. He seemed to employ a psychological tactic, perhaps to unsettle or challenge LeBron James. On the other hand, James’ reaction, a blend of amusement and nonchalance, demonstrates his veteran experience and ability to handle such situations easily.

The game concluded with a 107-97 victory for the Los Angeles Lakers, with LeBron James scoring 16 points, making seven assists, and grabbing four rebounds. This wasn’t the first time an attempt to unsettle LeBron has backfired for the Houston Rockets star. A notable example occurred during Brooks’ time with the Memphis Grizzlies, facing LeBron’s Lakers in the first round of the playoffs, where they suffered a 40-point defeat.

Fans react to Dillon Brooks’ death stare on LeBron James

In the high-stakes world of professional basketball, psychological tactics are as crucial as physical skills. Dillon Brooks, in particular, has been noted to resort to this approach, which some compare to that of Patrick Beverley.


The incident quickly became a topic of discussion among fans on social media, with many sharing their reactions through tweets. Some fans saw humor in LeBron’s response, while others appreciated Brooks’ competitive nature. Here are some of the reactions:

Dillon Brooks is slowly becoming the new ‘villain’ of the NBA by pulling antics like this. As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see how he continues to interact on the court and spark further competitive fire in the Houston Rockets’ matchups against great teams.

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