WATCH: “Box office smash” – LeBron James releases ‘teaser’ of dancing at 70s themed birthday party featuring Kevin Hart, Jay-Z, Beyonce, and other stars

LeBron James threw a massive bash on his 39th birthday.

WATCH: “Box office smash” – LeBron James releases ‘teaser’ of dancing at 70s themed birthday party featuring Kevin Hart, Jay-Z, Beyonce, and other stars

LeBron James, Rich Paul, Kevin Hart, Jay Z and Tyronn Lue (Credits: X- NBA Central)

LeBron James appeared understandably irritated in the locker room after the Lakers’ most recent defeat as he spoke with media members. Still, as the evening wore on, things began to get better.

James threw a huge birthday celebration with a ’70s theme after celebrating his 39th birthday on December 30. At the event, which attracted several celebrities, James wore an afro wig and performed his greatest ’70s dance routine.

It’s not surprising that so many celebrities attended LeBron James’s birthday, considering his status as a billionaire and future Hall of Famer. Attending the party was singer Adele, who is in a relationship with James’s friend Rich Paul. Renowned actor Don Cheadle, who starred in the Iron Man films, and musician 2 Chainz were also in attendance. Draymond Green was one of the most unexpected names on the guest list.

LeBron James shared a video of his star-studded birthday celebration on Instagram with the caption,

And when I say a MOVIE, I mean a got damn box office smash!!" LET'S GO! 

Celebrities that attended the celebration also included Tyronn Lue, Jarred Vanderbilt, Anthony Davis, and other members of his Lakers team. The video also featured appearances by A-list celebrities like Kevin Hart, Beyoncé, and Jay-Z.

Of course, LeBron and Savannah James were the life of the party. On the dance floor, where LeBron performed his best retro dance moves while sporting an afro wig, sunglasses, and multiple pieces of jewelry, the couple seemingly had a great time. In honor of the year James was born, they styled the party location to resemble the well-known Studio 84.

LeBron James appeared to be dejected after the Grizzlies game

The Lakers led by LeBron James had one more win at this point last season than they do now, indicating that they are positioned less favorably in the competition this year. James was unable to stop the Lakers from losing to Ja Morant‘s Memphis Grizzlies last Friday. Despite being furious with the outcome of the game, he chose to speak with the media after it was over.

LeBron James expressed his growing resentment bluntly after the Los Angeles Lakers lost 127-113 to the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday night, their 10th straight loss in 13 games.

James stated,

We just suck right now. 

The Lakers lost for the fourth time in a row despite his 32 points. LeBron’s partner in crime, Anthony Davis scored 31 points.

The Lakers had a home-heavy schedule in January after playing away from home for the majority of December, with 11 of their first 12 games taking place at Arena. They now have a match with the LA Clippers, who have won 14 of their previous 16 games, on Sunday.

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