“F**ked up” – LeBron James RIPS NFL for banning and stealing 20-year-old’s livelihood

The Lakers superstar condemns the NFL's harsh action against young videographer.

“F**ked up” – LeBron James RIPS NFL for banning and stealing 20-year-old’s livelihood

LeBron James (Silver Screen and Roll), Kevin Fitzgibbons, Tyreek Hill (Instagram)

Recently, LeBron James blasted the NFL on his Instagram story for suspending 20-year-old videographer Kevin Fitzgibbons. The NFL’s decision, potentially indefinite, followed Fitzgibbons’ involvement in filming Tyreek Hill‘s backflip celebration. This incident, captured during a Miami Dolphins game, has sparked significant controversy and criticism.

During a match against the Carolina Panthers, Tyreek Hill took Fitzgibbons’ phone to film his backflip celebration post-touchdown. The NFL, while not fining Hill, harshly penalized Fitzgibbons by revoking his season credentials, with a potential for a longer suspension.


This situation has sparked a debate over the NFL’s disciplinary actions and their impact on individuals’ careers. Fitzgibbons, a University of Miami student, described the event as one of the best moments of his life, despite the subsequent suspension. His involvement in the celebration was spontaneous, raising questions about the fairness of the NFL’s decision.

The NFL’s response has been seen by many, including LeBron James, as an overreaction. King James even took to his Instagram story to bash the NFL’s way of managing such stuff.

Man this is F'd UP!!! Suspended for the year and possibly for good! C'mon NFL! Do better! Shit ain't that serious 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

The league’s decision to penalize a young professional so severely for a moment of unplanned excitement has been criticized as disproportionate and potentially damaging to Fitzgibbons’ future career prospects.


Lakers blaze past their group to the NBA In-Season Tournament playoffs

While the NFL faces scrutiny over its disciplinary measures, the NBA is making waves with its in-season tournament. This new addition to the NBA calendar has been a topic of much interest and excitement among fans and players alike. The Los Angeles Lakers, led by LeBron James, have been remarkable in the NBA’s In-Season Tournament.

Lakers's LeBron James
LeBron James has averaged 25 points, 8 rebounds, 7.5 assists, and 1 steal in the Lakers’ perfect In-Season tournament run (AP)

This achievement is not just a testament to James’ prowess but also the Lakers’ collective effort and resilience. The team has come together, turning around their season with a 4-0 mark in group play, demonstrating their potential to be serious contenders in the tournament.

Their latest triumph against the Utah Jazz not only exemplifies the Lakers’ strategic prowess and on-court synergy but also marks a turning point in their season, which had initially faced some challenges. The Lakers’ success in the In-season Tournament is helping them transform a rocky start into a story of revival and determination.


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