LeBron James passes legendary Kobe Bryant for most Christmas Day Games played

LeBron James passes legendary Kobe Bryant for most Christmas Day Games played

LeBron James stans are in for a treat on Christmas Day. There is nothing better than watching your favorite basketball player perform on Christmas day. The Los Angeles Lakers face the Dallas Mavericks on the 25th of December. The battle is expected to be very competitive as well.

LeBron James is entering his 38-year in this world and is soon going to be the oldest player in the league as well. Despite his age, the King continues to unravel new records and break old ones created by league legends from the past. This Christmas, as the Lakers take on the Mavericks, Bron is set to become the player with most Christmas Day Games played.

The previous owner of the record is none other than the late great Kobe Bryant. He joined the Lakers in battle on Christmas 16 times since the start of his career. Bryant is still considered as one of the greatest players of all time besides LeBron James and Michael Jordan. For the King, it would be nothing less of an honor to receive the baton from his former brother.

LeBron James has played 16 Christmas Day Games as well. The game against the Mavericks will be his 17th game since 2003. Bron has put up nearly 27 points every year on December 25th. Last year he scored 39 points against Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets. He is expected to shine bright this year as well.

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The Los Angeles Lakers hang by a thread with LeBron James leading the pack

LeBron James
LeBron James

Obviously, now that Anthony Davis is out of rotation once again, it is going to get tough for LeBron James to lead the pack without an anchor by his side. Russell Westbrook for one has settled in well with his new role but doesn’t quite work out as a starter alongside James. It was a struggle initially but his Sixth Man role has been working miracles for the team.

James has been putting up 32.6 points since December 12th, and he hasn’t showed any sign of struggle. Even though this may be a good sign of hope for the Lakers, they have not been able to win consistently just yet. They have won only 3 of their last 10 games. The Charlotte Hornets managed to wreck them in their previous matchup.

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