LeBron James’ son Bronny’s basketball career OVER? Shaquille O’Neal’s son provides massive update about young star’s future after heart attack scare

Shareef O'Neal talks about Bronny's cardiac arrest incident.

LeBron James’ son Bronny’s basketball career OVER? Shaquille O’Neal’s son provides massive update about young star’s future after heart attack scare

Bronny James and Shareef O'Neal (images via Getty Images)

Sending shockwaves through the entire NBA community, Bronny James recently experienced an unexpected cardiac arrest. While some, including Dr. Brian Stuttered, a doctor known for his YouTube channel, and other cardiologists, expressed skepticism based on medical viewpoints, no official statements have emerged from either the James family or the medical professionals who have evaluated Bronny’s condition following the incident.


Amidst these developments, one individual has remained steadfast in advocating for Bronny’s return to the basketball court – Shaquille O’Neal’s son Shareef O’Neal. In a notable conversation, Shareef expressed his conviction that Bronny’s health condition would not impede his basketball journey. Essentially, he asserted that the cardiac arrest would not hinder Bronny’s path in the sport.

Back in 2018, Shareef too had faced some health complications as he had to undergo an open heart surgery. Shareef had been, after his surgery advised to stay out of the league and give up his ambitions to play in the NBA. However, he continued to pursue his dream and in 2022, he played for the LA Lakers in the Summer League. Although not offered a contract by them, he was offered one by the league’s developmental team, G-League Ignite.

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Shareef O’Neal and Bronny James’ relationship

Bronny James and Shareef O'Neal
Bronny James and Shareef O’Neal (image via Cavaliers Nation)

Bronny James’ and Shareef O’Neal’s friendship has been clear on many occasions. Shareef recently spoke on “Good Morning America,” sharing how he reached out to Bronny right after the incident. He said, “I talked with Bronny. I sent a message. I said any questions you have you can ask me, I can answer them for you. I know people are going to say they are praying for you and all that. You don’t wanna hear a lot about that.”

Being second-generation basketball players, they share common experiences that naturally fostered a strong friendship between them. A notable testament to their bond came in 2022 when LeBron James himself shared a video from 2019. In the video, Shareef and Bronny could be seen enjoying a game of hoops together at their home.

LeBron’s openness about wanting to play alongside his son creates an exciting possibility for this duo, pending Bronny’s recovery. As Shareef pursues his NBA dreams, the potential of him teaming up with Bronny holds the promise of a thrilling connection, reminiscent of their fathers’ time together on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Whether these scenarios come to life depends on the future.

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