Watch: “LeZestFest” – Lakers superstar LeBron James’ ZESTY dance moves leave NBA Twitteratis drooling

Fans troll LeBron James after a video of him dancing to “It’s going down” by Cel went viral.

Watch: “LeZestFest” – Lakers superstar LeBron James’ ZESTY dance moves leave NBA Twitteratis drooling

Lebron James dancing to a song (L), Lebron on the court (R) (Images via X)

LeBron James is known for his joyful personality around the league and for breaking out some dance moves to uplift the mood. He became particularly notorious for the “Harlem Shake” dance during his time with the Miami Heat. He dressed up as a king while his teammates dressed as pop culture characters, performing the Harlem Shake during his back-to-back championship runs with Miami.


James has also previously suited up for a dance-off against Shaquille O’Neal and Dwight Howard in 2007, during which he showed off his moves but ultimately lost to Shaq. More recently, another dance video of the NBA’s all-time leading scorer has gone viral. In the video, he is seen dancing to “It’s Goin’ Down” by Celly Cel. James was captured vibing to the song and showcasing a few dance moves. His wife, Savannah James, recorded and shared the video on social media, quickly spreading like wildfire.

Despite facing challenges such as his son, Bronny James’ recent cardiac arrest, James has been working hard to prepare for the upcoming season. Seeing him in this light has delighted fans, who are hopeful for one final championship run from the legendary player, often referred to as King James.

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NBA Twitter reacts to Lebron James showing off his dance moves

NBA Twitter trolls Lebron James
Lebron James for the Los Angeles Lakers (via West Observer)

After the video of LeBron James breaking out some dance moves, many fans reacted to the video with amusing comments about James’ dancing. Some fans playfully referred to him as “funny,” acknowledging his playful nature both on and off the court. On the other hand, some expressed that James should recognize he’s not necessarily funny and abandon such antics.

Here are a some of the reactions from X (formerly Twitter):

LeBron James enjoying himself could be the best thing Lakers fans hope for, especially since James might be gearing up for one last season with the team this year, given that his contract includes a player option for the following season. With Bronny James now cleared to play basketball again, James could eagerly anticipate the chance to play alongside his son in his final season, guiding him to become the best player he can be.

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