“Bro made it worse” – Luka Doncic drops ‘F-bomb’ on live television leaving fans in splits

Fans hilariously react to Luka Doncic try to fix a curse with another one unknowingly during a post game interview on national television

“Bro made it worse” – Luka Doncic drops ‘F-bomb’ on live television leaving fans in splits

Doncic realizing he just cursed on national television (Image via Twitter and YouTube)

Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic, while being interviewed, inadvertently dropped a curse live on national television after the game against the Utah Jazz.

While speaking with a sideline reporter, Doncic was asked about snapping their 2-game losing streak. Doncic replied by saying:

Like I said before the game, we can't f*** around

Once he realizes that he has dropped a curse on live television, he tries to fix it but he again by saying:

Aw sh**, my bad.

The reporter then gave Doncic the benefit by saying that he did not get much sleep heading into the match as he had just become a father

Luka Doncic and his Dallas Mavericks came into the game after losing two matches in a row. They rebounded by giving the Utah Jazz a 50-point drubbing. The match ended with the Mavericks winning 147-97. It was the biggest margin of victory for the Mavericks this season.


Doncic blurting out curses on live television has been a recurring theme. But this time, he tried to apologize but ended up putting himself in a bigger ditch. The reporter was left in splits seeing Doncic awkwardly trying to make up for the foul words.

How did fans react to Luka Doncic cursing on Live TV?

Fans quickly reacted to the next line of expletives used by Luka Doncic. They know Doncic uses a lot of curse words during the game but post-match interviews are a different story altogether.

Luka Doncic
Luka Doncic put up a 40-point triple-double against the Jazz (Image via Twitter)

Fans knew that whatever he said in the interview would go viral, simply because of his stature as one of the best players in the NBA. However, his attempt to control the situation was, at best, comical. Even the cameraman and reporter who were interviewing him were laughing about it.


These were some of the reactions to the interview:

For a dad with his first child, this act is excusable. He also had a triple-double(40points,10 rebounds, and 11 assists) against the Jazz which helped a lot to further that cause.

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