“I wouldn’t be able to do it!” Luka Doncic tips hat to Kyrie Irving after impressive game-winner during Ramadan fasting

Kyrie Irving closed the game between the Mavericks and Nuggets with a left-handed layup.

“I wouldn’t be able to do it!” Luka Doncic tips hat to Kyrie Irving after impressive game-winner during Ramadan fasting

Luka Doncic reacts to Kyrie Irving's unbelievable game-winning shot while fasting.

Luka Doncic was as stunned as the rest of the NBA world after teammate Kyrie Irving shot a left-handed floater to win the game. To pull off something as wild as a left-handed hook shot is one thing, but to do that while on a fast is unimaginable according to Doncic.

Kyrie Irving, who stole the show against the Denver Nuggets with his game-winning shot is observing fast during Ramadan month. The Slovenian highly praised the Mavericks star’s feat.

After the game was tied, the Mavericks head coach, Jason Kidd, took a timeout with 2.8 seconds left in the regulation. And then, Kyrie Irving took matters into his own hands and shot a left-handed layup from the free throw line, ultimately winning the game for his team.

As expected, Irving’s incredible clutch moment received a lot of praise from the NBA world, eliciting a multitude of interesting reactions online. 

Not just the fans, Irving’s teammate Luka Dončić chimed in with praise for the fellow guard. During the press conference after the game, Doncic was asked about the significance of Irving performing the way he did, and that too during fasting as Ramadan had started. The Slovenian admitted his inability to carry out such an impressive shot under similar conditions.

I wouldn't be able to do it. I'm impressed. Like I said, he's different. He's different. 
Doncic told according to Mavericks’ writer Grant Afseth.

The player’s unbelievable skills and athleticism in his 13th season in the league are truly remarkable. His performance without eating or drinking makes the game-winning shot even more amazing. The guard ended up scoring 24 points, seven rebounds, and nine assists in the win.

The star duo of the Mavericks defeated the defending champions

The Denver Nuggets are currently the 2nd team in the Western Conference after being the 1st seed just over a few days ago. With the Dallas Mavericks being the 7th seed in the conference standings, fans did not expect the Mavs to win against the defending champions on Sunday.

As anticipated, the Nuggets had a strong start during the first two quarters. However, interestingly enough, things started to shift in the Mavericks’ favor in the third quarter. The Mavericks’ rebounding was significantly different than that of the Nuggets.

The Mavs had 21 offensive rebounds to the Nuggets’ 6. Doncic was a contributor to that, with nine rebounds to go with his 37-point performance.

The former MVP and champion Nikola Jokic had a rare average performance with 16 points but still managed to score a double-double with 11 rebounds. Jamal Murray attempted to help with his 23 points but was of no use in the final essential seconds as he missed a potential tie-breaking shot. 

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