“They might not be able to pay as much as I want” Malik Monk willing to take a pay-cut to stay with the Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers star Malik Monk discusses his future in an interview stating that he could return to the Lakers for another year with reduced salary.

Malik Monk
Malik Monk
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The Los Angeles Lakers remain a favourite among players despite suffering one of the most embarrassing seasons in team history. Malik Monk, a young sharpshooter, had a chance to live the life of a Laker this past season, and he is now prepared to do everything it takes to stay. The greatest stars in the NBA, both past and present, call the Lakers their home. With the exception of the Orlando Bubble in 2020, the Lakers haven’t had much success in the last ten years and despite this, the LA franchise maintains its dominance in the trade market.

Being a member of the Purple and Gold is unlike any other NBA experience. Sometimes it’s just impossible to resist the glamour and elegance of the league’s most respected team. Monk discussed his plans for this summer in an exclusive interview revealing the extent of the sacrifices he is prepared to make in order to retain his name on the roster for years to come. Monk, who agreed to a one-year, $1.8 million contract last year, will be an unrestricted free agency starting in the following month.

Breakout season for Malik Monk with the Lakers

Malik Monk had a fantastic season for Los Angeles, as he gradually increased his output throughout the year. He played solid defense, shot a decent 47.3 percent from the field overall, made 39.1 percent of his 3-point attempts, and averaged 13.8 points in 28.1 minutes per game. He occasionally served as the Lakers’ other reliable scoring option behind LeBron James. In the 2017 draft, the former Kentucky standout went 11th overall. He joined a Hornets squad without a clear direction for the future, and as he gradually dropped out of the rotation, he finally lost his prominence. The Lakers didn’t show up until the 2021–22 season to give him a meaningful shot, and he took advantage of it.

Even though Monk is a below-average defender, he would continue to be a tremendous asset to the squad the next year as an immediate offensive player off the bench. He is skilled at attacking the rim and a great finisher at the basket, especially in transition, in addition to having a good 3-point shooting percentage. The Los Angeles Lakers want a capable shooter like Monk who can help off the bench and immediately improve their offense. Although it’s difficult to predict where Monk will end up next, there won’t be a shortage of organizations interested in signing him this offseason.

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Monk decides who he wants to play for the upcoming season.

Malik Monk, the guard for the Lakers, reportedly indicated a great desire to continue playing for the team and admitted to taking a pay cut if necessary. Even though the LA team had a poor season in 2021–2022, Monk had his highest averages to date. “They might not be able to pay me as much as I want,” Monk told The Athletic. “But I could be here and be way more comfortable as a Laker than going to any other team and they’re paying me $5M more. So it’s just me trying to figure out what team would really want me.”

The only teams that showed considerable interest in Malik Monk over the last summer were the LA Lakers and Dallas Mavericks. He was personally recruited by LeBron James, then-coach Frank Vogel, and GM Rob Pelinka. This may have made Monk want to re-sign with the Lakers for a lower salary. The taxpayer mid-level exception worth $6.4 million is the highest the Lakers can pay him in free agency. In the free agent market, Monk could earn up to $10–$12 million annually and the LA Lakers might get a great deal if they can extend his contract by another year.

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