“Was he not the GOAT in his family?” Michael Jordan gets cooked by own brother in ultra-rare footage

“Was he not the GOAT in his family?” Michael Jordan gets cooked by own brother in ultra-rare footage

Michael Jordan and Larry Jordan

Most people agree that Michael Jordan is the best NBA player in NBA history. On the court, the Hall of Famer was just spectacular a nd his ascension to international stardom didn’t take long. Every night, MJ captivated crowds with his talent, and it’s safe to say that his legacy will never be in doubt. Although it may be difficult to imagine, Michael wasn’t always the finest basketball player in the world—not even within his own family. Michael once merely acknowledged that his older brother Larry Jordan was a greater player than he was.

Larry Jordan, MJ’s brother, once competed against him to display his talents and the fans were in shock over what they had seen. One person other than his father that Michael had a significant amount of respect for is his brother Larry Jordan, as depicted in the “Last Dance” series. The primary factor in MJ’s rise to stardom was his short 5’8″ older brother. He served as his mentor, helping the legendary Chicago Bulls player hone his skills. Furthermore, Larry’s inability to join the NBA was only due to his size.

Michael Jordan and his legendary career in the NBA

Michael Jordan was without a doubt one of the greatest NBA players ever. His career numbers are among the greatest of all time, and his distinguished career in the NBA Finals adds even more excellence to an already impressive résumé. He was chosen for 10 All-NBA first teams, therefore it may be argued that Jordan was among the top five basketball players for those 10 seasons. He also had the greatest career scoring average (30.1 points per game) in league history throughout his playing career, winning a league-record 10 scoring titles, nine first-team All-Defensive accolades, and five NBA Most Valuable Player awards. Jordan was the MVP of each of the six NBA titles the Bulls won while under his leadership.

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The famous clip of Michael and Larry Jordan

In a one-on-one match, Larry properly cooked Michael, leaving the audience in awe. Additionally, the 5’8″ man unexpectedly decided to go up for a dunk, proving that the Jordan family had the flying gene. Michael Jordan, the younger of the two brothers, grew to be 6’6″ where Larry got to be 5’8″ and he  was a better player, according to even the standard-setter. He claimed that MJ would only be recognized as Larry’s brother if Larry had been born large. MJ fulfilled his desire, but the oldest child did not. However, imagining what Larry Jordan could have accomplished even at his height is definitely fuel for contemplation.

When they were kids, Larry and Michael would always go forth, and Larry would always dominate Mike. The little Michael’s only desire was to resemble his elder sibling. He then tried to play, shoot, and move on the court just like Larry in an attempt to imitate him. Larry was better to Michael despite just being a year older, but suddenly everything changed.

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