Nets owner Joe Tsai has had enough of Kevin Durant making trade an inevitability

Kevin Durant trade request was a bombshell on the league, while many consider that the Nets would try to convince their marquee player, Joe Vardon reports otherwise.

Kevin Durant with Brooklyn Nets Owner Tsai
Kevin Durant with Brooklyn Nets Owner Joe Tsai
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Brooklyn Nets this season are ruling the headlines, so far in the offseason. After finalizing the Kyrie Irving situation – by the player himself, Franchise was hit harder by Kevin Durant’s trade request. It was not only the Brooklyn Nets, but the entire league went in shock by the news and started figuring out reasons, their best trade offer, and various outcomes of the deal. The Player signed 4 years contract last offseason, and his sudden trade request means a huge change in the league’s landscape. For a player of Kevin Durant’s quality, many might consider that Brooklyn Nets will try to convince him against the move. But the reality is something different.

According to the latest report from The Athletic’s Joe Vardon, there’s likely little to no room for reconciliation between the Nets owner Joe Tsai and KD, “If both have played their last game with Brooklyn, it’s a safe bet the Nets are heavily involved in trades that suit all parties, if only because doing so will probably produce the largest returns. What Joe Tsai will not do is demand Durant to honor his contract in Brooklyn. Because he’s had enough.”

We all can just understand the situation of the Nets Owner, who was riding high on the masterstroke of adding two of the best free agents back in 2019, and after just 3 seasons later was on verge of losing it all, without any fruitful result.

2022 Kevin Durant is a huge trade chip in the trade market history yet

Final MVP Winner Kevin Durant
Final MVP Winner Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is a generational talent, and many would agree with the statement. Though he couldn’t deliver silverware outside Golden State Warriors, he is still seen as the centerpiece of any offense. In the 2023 pre-season, Kevin Durant has a 4-years contract in hand, and the trading franchise will carry the same, meaning that Durant will be directly committed for the next 4 seasons.

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After seeing the gargantuan trade package it took to trade for Rudy Gobert, the market value for a top-five player like Kevin Durant should be exponentially higher. Interestingly, getting that sort of package may prove to be difficult for the Nets given that a team would literally have to gut most of its assets for KD, which leaves the possibility that a deal may not come to fruition anytime soon.

As for the Nets owner’s frustration, many would be more sympathetic than amused by his behavior. Many reasons led to the frustration, and chief among them was Durant’s insistence to let Kyrie Irving play despite his refusal to get vaccinated. Durant urged the organization to go back on its original stance and allow Irving to play and practice eligible on the road, according to sources. Brooklyn was in second in the East on the day of Irving’s first game.

Brooklyn Nets Owner Joseph Tsai
Brooklyn Nets Owner Joseph Tsai

Also, Franchise kept its promises, paying out Kevin in his 1st injury season with the franchise. Though adding 3rd star to the franchise they lost their host of building future blocks. But players KD-Kyrie-Harden couldn’t jell well and the Nets were forced to make the trade very next season. Still, the Nets made sure that they will keep hold of the former NBA Champion, up-scaling his contract last summer.

They tried keeping Marquee player Kevin Durant happy, by adding Ben Simmons to the team, but still, he decides to take his talent elsewhere without even giving chance to the new trio. Also more importantly the results in the court were not satisfactory enough.

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