“I’m rooting for him but Jazz played Tacko Fall and 8 other undrafted players” Nick Wright applauds Chet Holmgren statement worthy Summer League debut

Chet Holmgren sets blocks record in his summer league debut for Oklahoma City Thunders which attracted most of the attention from pundits. But Nick Wright eels it would be too early for the youngster Star yet.

Chet Holmgren at Oklahoma City Thunders
Chet Holmgren at Oklahoma City Thunders
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The Oklahoma City Thunders debutant rookie Chet Holmgren made a huge buzz in the first Summer League game against Utah Jazz. Playing at the Salt Lake City Summer League, his all-around performance sent the basketball world into a frenzy on Tuesday night. Chet Holmgren was sorted as the top prospect of the 2022 draft night, and his production on the floor just stamped his status. Home team Utah Jazz surrendered to Holmgren-led OKC team as they lost their opening game 98-77. They will be facing the Philadelphia 76ers next, while OKC will take on Memphis Grizzlies (till this article is released). As for Chet Holmgren, the debut was noteworthy for many except analyst Nick Wright.

Chet Holmgren Shines in very 1st game
Chet Holmgren Shines in very 1st game

The second overall pick in the draft was on roll with heavy productions on both ends of the floor. OKC fans were pleased with the show, as the youngster finished with 23 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists, and 6 blocks. He was clinical from the range and dominated the paint area too. For Nick Wright though, it would be too early to make any strong statement over Chet Holmgren

Nick Wright is cautious with the Chet Holmgren predictions

Chet Holmgren at Gonzaga
Chet Holmgren at Gonzaga

Chet Holmgren already showed a lot of confidence in his gameplay before getting drafted into the league. And in his debut, he just showcased his capabilities on the court. In thrashing the Jazz Summer League team, Holmgren sets the record for the most blocks. Knowing this achievement, he reacted, “6? I am going to break it again”

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Although it was a remarkable showing Summer League is always rife with overreactions. On “First Things First,” analyst Nick Wright seemed pumped up with the performance, and still looked reserved to make any bold claims over the talented 20-year-old star.

He said, “I am rooting for Chet. … But the Jazz were playing Tacko Fall, eight other undrafted guys and Jared Butler. Chet played as well as he could’ve, but we can’t take anything from it. This was a worse team than the majority of the teams he faced in the NCAA Tournament.”

There is no arguing that Chet got the undivided attention of the basketball world after his jaw-dropping debut. Holmgren was magnificent in his 23-point points as he dropped going 7-for-9 from the field. He was an astonishing 66% from the range.

Oklahoma City Thunders wanted a stronger rim protector to help SGA going ahead, and it looks as if the Thunder might have a building block in Holmgren. He proved to be one of the most impressive defensive prospects, as blocked six shots, setting a new record for summer league blocks.

As a freshman at Gonzaga last year, he reached that number five times and recorded seven blocks in a game twice, including in the season opener. He finished the year with averages of 14.1 points, 9.9 rebounds, 1.9 assists, and 3.7 blocks per game.

Holmgren is a consensus second-team All-American and was the West Coast Conference Defensive Player of the Year and Newcomer of the Year at Gonzaga. Holmgren’s recent dominant performance received a ton of praise on social media. The No. 2 overall pick in the 2022 draft showed the skills that may have put him favorites in the Rookie of the season award. 

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