“Biggest busts of the decade” – Nikola Jokic ‘FREEZES’ DeAndre Ayton in comical fake leaving NBA fans in splits

Nikola Jokic was only the 41st pick of the 2012 NBA draft, but comically embarrassed Deandre Ayton.

“Biggest busts of the decade” – Nikola Jokic ‘FREEZES’ DeAndre Ayton in comical fake leaving NBA fans in splits

Deandre Ayton and Nikola Jokic. (Image via SI)

Considering Nikola Jokic’s size and stature, not many people will immediately label him capable of being able to pull off the more intricate skills apparent in basketball. However, that is exactly how the Joker gets people.


In the recent victory over the Portland Trail Blazers, the big Serbian made Deandre Ayton his latest victim. Ayton, the 2018 NBA draft number 1 pick, was up against the 2014 NBA draft’s 41st overall pick.

On paper, there is only one winner. But in practicality, the Serbian is a 2-time MVP, an NBA champion despite not having a superteam alongside him, and well, a complete joy to watch. In a comical turn of events during the second quarter, Jokic showcased his basketball IQ with a pump fake that left Blazers’ big man Deandre Ayton utterly confused.

The skill was so convincing that Ayton raised his hand to contest a shot he believed was imminent. In a moment of sheer hilarity, he even directed his attention to the basket, expecting the ball’s trajectory. Little did he know that he had fallen victim to one of Jokic’s trademark maneuvers.


To Ayton’s astonishment, Jokic, instead of releasing the anticipated shot, smoothly drove past him toward the basket. The hilarious play, as one would expect, led to a range of reactions from fans.

Nikola Jokic continues rampant form against Trail Blazers

The hilarious play is just another highlight from a season which is again proving to be utterly rampant. Nikola Jokic is again one of the favorites for the MVP award, although how the rest of the season goes may play a huge role as well. 

Nikola Jokic has defied expectations. (Image via The New Yorker)

Averaging 26.3 points, 12.2 rebounds, and 9.0 assists per game in 49 games, Jokic has essentially marked himself as the best player in the NBA. The fact that the moment in question came against Deandre Ayton, told another story. This is because Jokic was a player who nobody expected to do even close to as well as he has, in the league. Regardless, some reactions can be seen below:

Ayton on the other hand, was expected to take over and was one of the most respected youngsters when he first came around. However, the situation has completely reversed in a matter of years, with Jokic having left Ayton in the dust, a few seasons before.


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