“If Bron went out…D-Wade can put a clinic…” Ex-teammate doubles down on Chris Bosh being more valuable than LeBron James for Miami Heat

Chris Bosh was immensely talented and versatile during his playing days in the NBA.

“If Bron went out…D-Wade can put a clinic…” Ex-teammate doubles down on Chris Bosh being more valuable than LeBron James for Miami Heat

It’s been about a decade since LeBron James left Miami and made his return to Cleveland. The four-year trip to South Beach was successful for James, winning two titles in four seasons. The Heat’s roster was stacked with future Hall of Famers, including James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. While out of the big three, James is always seen as the most highlighted leader, one of James’ ex-teammates had a different opinion.

Norris Cole, who joined the Heat following his draft in 2011, shared his insights on Chris Bosh’s importance on the team. Bosh joined the team after spending seven seasons in Toronto.

During his time in Miami, Bosh played a crucial role on both ends of the floor. Though his numbers were down compared to previous seasons, Bosh was still a key player.

Norris Cole while talking about Bosh said,

We had nobody else like CB. If Bron went out, you know nobody is Bron, but D-wade can put on a clinic and put 35,40 up. Get 8 assists for a couple series if we needed him too. If CB was out for too long, we had nobody else like him to create those mismatches... When we lost CB, we sustain as long as we could, but when he came back, we became unbeatable.

It’s pretty clear that Bosh was the tallest player on the team who contributed as crucially as LeBron and D-Wade. Chris Bosh was a serious threat in Toronto, averaging as much as a double-double. When he arrived at South Beach, Bosh had players like James and Wade who handled the scoring aspect of the game. In Miami, Bosh had an even more crucial role to take care of.

Chris Bosh complemented LeBron James and D-Wade’s duo

D-Wade and LeBron James were an unstoppable duo in Miami. Both the players were as dominant as the other, showing what peak chemistry looked like. Chris Bosh, on the other hand, was an efficient scorer and a versatile big man. While there are takes where Bosh is considered to have a more important role than LeBron, it is also due to the absence of his replacement.

There’s no denying Bosh’s talents, but the Heat did not have any other player who could provide as much for the team in his place. Chris’ efforts on both ends of the floor were unmatched. Not only that but on the offensive end, he was a deadly consistent shooter. In the four-year reign, Bosh put up 17.3 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 1.6 points per game, while shooting 51% from the field.

The big man had the most rewarding years of his career in Miami. Following his two title runs and a couple more seasons for the Miami Heat, Bosh retired in 2016. Three years later, the Heat retired Bosh’s jersey. Chris Bosh has marked his name among some of the greatest players to have ever played.

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