“F**k you! F**k outta here” – Nuggets HC LOSES HEAD at trash refs after LeBron James gets fouled

Michael Malone has had enough of the referees in the Nuggets’ Game 4 against the Lakers as the Head Coach spots clear “bias.”

“F**k you! F**k outta here” – Nuggets HC LOSES HEAD at trash refs after LeBron James gets fouled

Mike Malone (Image Via Getty)

The Denver Nuggets currently lead 3-0 against the Los Angeles Lakers, but Head Coach Michael Malone still isn’t satisfied. The Nuggets have dominated the series against the Lakers so far, winning almost every front, be it defense or attack. But Coach Malone has had several problems surrounding the series, be it against the media and now the referees. Previously, Malone had pointed out the media’s biased narrative while covering the series as they only focus on the Lakers. And now, he seems to have pointed out a bias in the officiating done by the referees, which pissed him off.


Game 4 of the Nuggets vs Lakers has been filled with highlights so far. Be it LeBron James’ record-breaking performance or the referees’ alleged ‘bias’. High-intensity moments have filled the arena and everyone is fired up, including Michael Malone. Right towards the end of the second quarter, Nikola Jokic was given a foul for slapping James’ hand. While everyone was confused, wondering if it was actually a foul, Coach Malone didn’t hold back.

He went no-holds-barred against the referees for being biased against the Nuggets, calling out their “bulls**t”. Coach Malone while screaming and pointing at a referee said, “Man f**k that. That’s trash! Call that f**king foul down here!” He was then given a technical foul, even after which he didn’t stop. He then said, “F**k you! F**k outta here man!”

Coach Malone hadn’t held back this series as he went all out against whoever stood in front of his team. Be it the media and now the referees, who have had to face his wrath.


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Denver Nuggets Coach Michael Malone is FIRED UP this series

Mike Malone and Nikola Jokic
Malone and Nikola Jokic (Image Via Getty)

Michael Malone has made it very clear that he isn’t going to hold back against anyone who opposes his team. Malone has made sure he stands by his players and supports them in every instance. He made rounds on social media for going against the media and their narratives.

Malone pointed out that the media was speaking about the Lakers and barely about the Nuggets, despite them getting the wins. He had said, “You win Game 1 of the Playoffs, & all everybody talked about was the Lakers. Let’s be honest. That was the national narrative… No one talked Nikola (Jokić) just had a historic performance… The narrative was about the Lakers & their adjustments.”

He was also spotted taking Nikola Jokic’s side with firm words during the player’s controversy against the Suns’ Owner. Back then, Malone had said, “Hey deemed Nikola doing something excessive and gave him a tech. I still don’t really understand it.” When he was made aware of the fact that the fan was Suns’ owner Mat Ishbia, Malone said, “I don’t give a s**t…I really don’t care.”


It’ll be interesting to see how the series now plays out as the Nuggets are on the verge of kicking the Lakers out of the playoffs. With a win over the Lakers, the Nuggets will face either Miami Heat or Boston Celtics in the finals. Stay tuned for more updates!

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