“One in a million? Not for me,” Lebron James proves John Wall wrong by recreating this ridiculous shot from 2017

Lebron James recreates epic buzzer beater to prove John Wall wrong.

“One in a million? Not for me,” Lebron James proves John Wall wrong by recreating this ridiculous shot from 2017

LeBron James has hit quite a few iconic game-winners in his career. However, very few come close to the one against the Washington Wizards in 2017. With the Cavs down by three points and under four seconds left, Lebron drilled a turnaround fadeaway while falling out of bounds. He hit the shot off one dribble from a full-court pass by Kevin Love. 

John Wall said after the game that Lebron was lucky and the shot was a one-in-a-million fluke. Lebron responded by saying, “Not for me, maybe for somebody else“. The King did not seem to care what John Wall thought about the shot but made it clear that it was not a fluke. Lebron then went on to recreate the same shot on the Lakers a few years later.


John Wall recently made an appearance on the Run Your Race podcast. It is over here where he once again mentions that the shot was a fluke. Despite Lebron making the same shot again, John Wall still called it a fluke. 

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John Wall makes more astonishing comments about Lebron and the Cavaliers.

Aside from calling Lebron’s shot a fluke, John Wall had even weirder stuff to say. He claimed the 2017 Washington Wizards would have beaten the Cavs in the 2017 playoffs. The Cavaliers went on a 10-0 run in the playoffs that year. The King swept the Indiana Pacers and Toronto Raptors that year. Meanwhile, the Wizards lost in the second round to the Celtics in seven games. The Cavaliers ended up beating the Celtics in six games that year.


John Wall might be very confident about those Wizards’ teams, but the reality is that they would not have beaten the Cavaliers. Lebron and co that year ran through the east and were playing on another level. The Cavaliers also broke the Wizards’ 18-game home winning streak with this “one in a million” shot. Some people tend to forget how good Lebron was in his second stint with Cleveland. It looks like John Wall is one of them.

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