“He might pop up a whole new team or something” Patrick Beverley believes it is hard to bet against LeBron James winning another championship ring

Patrick Beverley and team of analysts take shot at LeBron Jame's chances of winning NBA Title. James, who won 4 championship is looking to add another trophy in cabinet.

LeBron James frustrated over the referee
LeBron James

Los Ansgeles Lakers star LeBron James won 4 NBA Championships and established himself as one of the great players of this generation. But as per the team at ‘GetUp’, the 37-year-old cannot win a title of his own in the current scenario in purple and gold frachise.

LeBron James showed his abilities and athleticism when he was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers. No one doubted his game and even though he was without any title – he was considered to be one of the best players in the decade of 2010. He chose to join hands with Miami, won back-to-back titles, and came back to Cleveland, delivering a massive performance for the city’s first-ever Major tournament title. Moreover, in 2020 he helped the Lakers to win a record 17th NBA Championship. But after a poor 2022 season by the Lakers, his chance of winning the next ring seems to be fading away.

On the same note, Patrick Beverley believes in the theory, and stated that LeBron James could be moving to another team or creating a superteam in order to win his fifth and next championship ring.

The clock is ticking for LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James is 37 years old yet he is still able to play aggressively and turn the game in the team’s favor with his great basketball IQ. In the recent miserable 2021-22 Lakers’ season, LBJ was the only one shining the brightest and carried the team single-handedly in the regular season. He played only 56 games this term, and his absence did hamper the team’s chances of making it into the postseason.

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Considering the age factor and dependency on Bron in mind – the chances of winning another NBA Championship with the 2022 Lakers roaster are very slim. But with the talent and willpower of LBJ in mind, analysts gave him a long shot at the title.

Patrick Beverley said, “You never know LeBron, he might pop up whole new team or something.” They also discussed his potential trade away from Los Angeles Lakers for the 5th ring. Pat even tried to put Minnesota in the mix. The whole bench of anchors and analysts believe that LeBron can’t win a title unless there are some drastic changes made at the “Purple and Gold” or LeBron joins any other Championship contender team.

Basketball players’ legacies are not dependent on the number of Championships won. But it doesn’t hurt to win as many as you can. Bill Russell won 11 NBA Championships, Michael Jordan won 6, and Robert Horry won 7 titles – but it’s Jordan who is considered the GOAT despite winning fewer championships than the other two great players.

In the same scenario, James winning his 5th Championship or not would be answered in upcoming seasons, but his impact and legacy will not be hampered by the number of Larry O’Brian Trophies in his profile.

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