“If I’m playing CP3, Imma have some wine but Steph Curry? I tell my girl to not call” Patrick Beverley blatantly continues his assault on Chris Paul after Suns painful exit

The Minnesota Timberwolves guard showed up on Get Up on ESPN only to launch an assault on Chris Paul.

Patrick Beverley guarding Steph and CP3
Patrick Beverley guarding Steph and CP3

Patrick Beverley has got onto the bad books of many players in his NBA stint, but his banter with Chris Paul is something which is aware to all modern-day fans. From his ‘cheap’ shove in the previous playoffs, to blatantly going to call out CP3, the Minnesota Timberwolves guard is surely noy holding back his thought as the Phoenix Suns bow out of the playoffs in excruciating manner. 

Chris Paul in action against the Pelicans
Chris Paul

To those who missed Game 7 between Mavericks vs Suns, Chris Paul could not find him composure yet again, when it mattered the most. As a result of which he managed to score only 10 points in over 31 minutes of game-time. With many analysts questioning the core of Phoenix Suns, Beverley has fired shots on all cylinders once again upon his ‘favorite’ Chris Paul. 

Patrick Beverley’s latest rant on Suns veteran guard 

Patrick Beverley in action against the LA Clippers
Patrick Beverley

The Timberwolves guard showed up on Get Up on ESPN only to launch an assault on Chris Paul. Before the game last night, he had predicted CP3 would bring up an injury, and that happened during the game. Moreover, the former Clipper man went onto differentiate between Stephen Curry and Chris Paul. Just like his on-court antics, he was as brutal as ever. 

Beverley said, “Do guys in the NBA go to sleep early the night before playing the Phoenix Suns? Hell no. … I’m going to Steak 44 … have me a nice little wine … Steph Curry? I’m going to bed at 8 o’clock. … Mom, don’t call me. My girl, don’t call me.” 

Jae crowder on Patrick Beverley
Chris Paul and Patrick Beverley

Stephen Curry surely is one of the best guards ever witnessed in the NBA. But it is indeed important to note that he does have the likes of Klay Thompson and Draymond Green by his side. On the other hand, Chris Paul has taken charge of a very inexperienced side in Phoenix, with Devin Booker as the other marquee scorer. So does, Pat Bev’s opinion hold still in water? Let us know in the comments down below.

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