“Reinventing the game” – Patrick Beverley picks SURPRISING name as Steph Curry’s successor

Team USA might miss Trae Young's skills during the World Cup.

“Reinventing the game” – Patrick Beverley picks SURPRISING name as Steph Curry’s successor

Trae Young and Steph Curry (via Golden State of Mind)

Stephen Curry is a game-changer Basketball player. He has transformed the sport with his exceptional sharpshooting skills and captivating playmaking. He played a pivotal role in shaping the high-paced gameplay that characterizes the current league. Few players have managed to emulate Steph’s career-long achievements. One of those players is Atlanta Hawks’ point guard Trae Young.

Young stands out as one of the league’s most exhilarating guards, drawing comparisons to Steph Curry. His playing style exhibits traits reminiscent of Steph’s approach. While Steph’s off-ball movements bewilder defenders, Trae’s adept passing skills make him a formidable threat when in possession. His skills should have earned him a spot on the Team USA squad, but surprisingly, they didn’t.


His omission from the Team USA squad for the FIBA World Cup surprised many. Including NBA point guard Patrick Beverley, who voiced his astonishment. Beverly expressed that Trae’s numerous game wins, clutch shots, and revolutionary impact on the game position him to take over when Steph eventually retires. He noted Trae’s remarkable feat of leading his team to the Eastern Conference Finals as evidence of his prowess.

Trae has won plenty of games. He’s hit plenty of daggers. He’s reinventing the game. Whatever Steph Curry is leaving over, he’s taking it and running with it. Took his team to the Eastern Conference Finals. He’s won big on the road,” Beverley said.

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Why was Trae Young snubbed from the Team USA squad?

Why was Trae Young snubbed off Team USA
Trae Young (via ESPN)

Trae Young’s scoring prowess rivals that of any player in the league. Consequently, questions arose regarding his exclusion from the Team USA squad. Despite Trae’s keen interest in contributing his experience to the team’s success, concerns were raised about his defensive abilities, highlighted by ESPN analyst Tim McMahon during a recent appearance on The Hoop Collective Podcast. McMahon cited Trae’s defensive shortcomings compared to his offensive instincts.

Moreover, Trae’s primary ball-dominant playing style contrasts with Team USA Head Coach Steve Kerr‘s preferred approach. Factor in Trae’s defensive liabilities, which essentially leave the team at a numerical disadvantage during defense, and the incongruity with the coach’s style becomes evident.

Thus, the decision to leave out Trae can be rationalized. However, this assessment doesn’t diminish his inherent talent. He remains one of the league’s premier players and will undoubtedly continue to thrive.


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