Paul George apologizes for DISSING Victor Wembanyama, shocked by how easy Spurs star is making NBA look

Clippers superstar Paul George has recently lauded Spurs' rookie Victor Wembanyama and retracted his earlier criticisms of the young player.

Paul George apologizes for DISSING Victor Wembanyama, shocked by how easy Spurs star is making NBA look

Victor Wembanyama and Paul George (Credits: SI and ESPN)

Los Angeles Clippers’ forward Paul George made a surprising reversal when he publicly retracted his previous criticism of Victor Wembanyama and instead expressed his admiration for the young San Antonio Spurs star’s exceptional talents. He shared these sentiments on his podcast, “Podcast P with Paul George.”


During the podcast, George recounted an extraordinary play where Wembanyama left him in awe by flawlessly executing a euro-step move from the free-throw line without dribbling the ball.

Speaking on his podcast, George said:

 I take back everything I said. I thought it was gonna be tougher than he's making it look. He euro'd without taking a dribble from the free-throw line, flushed it. No one's stopping that.

George’s comments marked a complete reversal from his prior skepticism, showcasing his increasing admiration for Wembanyama’s remarkable talent. This highlights Wembanyama’s exceptional skills and his ability to effortlessly navigate the challenges of the NBA court, underscoring the rapid shift in public perception.


Paul George shares thoughts on Terence Mann

Paul George openly endorsed the team’s decision to include Terance Mann in the starting lineup, even amid ongoing trade rumors, particularly those concerning James Harden. When asked about Mann’s new role, George emphasized the guard’s professionalism, maturity, and strong work ethic.

Paul George and Terence Mann. (Credit-NBC News)

Speaking to the media, George said:

It's great that Terance is rewarded for being a professional, for being mature at his age. Coming in, doing what he's supposed to do, having the work ethic, being coachable, just being a sponge under so many people that he's played with. Now it's preparation meeting the opportunity. Now it's his time to be put in that lineup. He deserves it, he worked his butt off for it. I think that's what you - from an organizational standpoint, it's something the other guys can look towards.

George’s affirmation of Mann’s attributes demonstrated the Clippers’ confidence in the player. George praised Mann’s preparation meeting chance and said the rookie guard earned it for his hard work and determination. George’s support not only brought Mann’s potential to light but also demonstrated the Clippers’ internal talent development and reward system.

George’s positive reaction illustrated the team’s confidence in Mann’s abilities, signaling a strategic choice to focus on developing their homegrown talent rather than seeking external acquisitions like Harden.


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