“People think I should be in the gym 24 hours…” Paul George responds to trolls hating on Clippers star for having podcast

With 22 points, Paul George scored yet another monster to help the Clippers defeat the Bulls.

“People think I should be in the gym 24 hours…” Paul George responds to trolls hating on Clippers star for having podcast

Paul George

In a feisty game, the LA Clippers defeated the Chicago Bulls 112-102. Paul George, however, is not happy despite scoring 22 points and having a fantastic night.


The star player for the Clippers doesn’t think that the only way to stay interested in basketball is to spend a full day in the gym. He admires his social media presence and so does his podcast.

George has never shied away from taking on those who oppose him. After a few suggestions that the Clippers were being distracted by his work on “Podcast P,” he was forced to repeat the task on Saturday. George made it clear in his post-game interview that he likes the media and that the podcast has never been a problem.

Speaking about the same, George said:

I know people think I should be in the gym 24 hours out of the day. But no one does that. I don't care who the greats are, they've all had things outside of basketball. And so you know, I found the passion in media space. 
Paul George said via The Athletic

March of last year marked the launch of Paul George’s podcast. He has 674k subscribers in just a year, which is an incredible count. As a result, some believe that he is more concerned with maintaining his social media image than with providing for his team.

Why Paul George turned down Nicki Minaj’s offer for a music video?

NBA players appearing in a music video is hardly a huge thing. Music videos have included appearances from numerous legends, including Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron James, and many more.

However, what does it take to turn down an offer? Paul George received an invitation from Nicki Minaj recently to collaborate with her on a music video. However, the Clippers forward had a valid reason for turning down Minaj.

I looked at Daniela, and Daniela looked at me. Aye, I ain't going to be able to do it. I think at the time it was a conflicting conflict. 
Paul George said via Podcast P

Although George’s wife would have seemed like a reasonable explanation for the NBA player to decline, his hectic schedule was the real reason he turned down Minaj’s offer.


Even though he said it was unrelated to his wife, she had planned to accompany him to the set. However, due to his hectic schedule of traveling and competing in the game, he had to decline the offer. With that said, the postseason is fast approaching, and the team needs its finest players.

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