“Deer in headlights!” Paul George reveals his POV on getting posterized by 39-year-old LeBron James

Paul George had a moment to forget during his tussle with LeBron James in a recent NBA game.

“Deer in headlights!” Paul George reveals his POV on getting posterized by 39-year-old LeBron James

Paul George on LeBron James dunking over him (Reddit/UPROXX)

Even at the age of 39 years old, LeBron James continues to defy the laws of aging, continuing to dominate at the highest level of basketball. Despite being the oldest active player in the league, the King still has an abundance left in his tank, breaking the age barrier gaps for icons like him.


However, it was during a recent game against the Los Angeles Clippers that Paul George came in with an encounter with the juggernaut-esque drive from LeBron himself.

In their game against the LA Clippers, which Los Angeles won by 106-103, it was LeBron James who shone yet again. Scoring 25 points, 7 assists, and 8 rebounds, he was on absolute fire. But the highlight of the game wasn’t even his form in the match, but rather the moment when he ducked over Paul George, the clip went viral. So much so that even the latter gave his opinion on it.

While talking about it, Paul George said during a recent episode of Podcast P with George.

It was just like a deer in the headlights, I don't know what to do right here. Before I could think about the next thing to do, I was just stuck.

During their meetup on January 8, LeBron James downed a monstrous dunk over the veteran Paul George as the Lakers got the win over their city rivals. While it was a disappointing defeat for the Clippers and George, it was PG who came out the more disappointed and embarrassed with that poster dunk over him by James.

Fans reactions to Paul George’s take on LeBron James dunking over him

After the clip of Paul George sharing his thoughts on that mismatch went viral, fans were all in to give their take on the situation. And for the set of fans who indeed are creative in their ways, took their humor out on the clip.

LeBron James' dunk over Paul George (Via YouTube)
LeBron James’ dunk over Paul George (Via YouTube)

The tweets and comments kept on coming as the video caught a lot of eyes on the internet.

While the loss is bad in itself, it will be a moment hard to forget for Paul George. Whether he would be able to get one back on back on LeBron, only time will tell.


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