Paul Pierce makes bold prediction that ‘soft’ Clippers will be knocked out of playoffs in first round

The Los Angeles Clippers have lost six of their last nine games.

Paul Pierce makes bold prediction that ‘soft’ Clippers will be knocked out of playoffs in first round

Paul Pierce says the Clippers will exit the playoffs in the first round.

The Los Angeles Clippers were the first seed in the Western Conference last month. Since then, the team has lost 11 of their 20 games. Now, they are dropped to the 4th rank and are struggling to get consecutive wins even against the teams that have lower winning records.


The Los Angeles Clippers head coach Tyronn Lue expressed frustration towards the team’s losing performance. After the Clippers lost to the Indiana Pacers, in the press conference Lue talked about the team’s identity and called the team ‘soft’. According to the HC, the team is lacking both physicality and toughness. Lue’s statement did not receive many positive reactions from the NBA world.

NBA veteran Paul Pierce being one of them, made a bold statement about the team’s future in the season. On Fox’ Undisputed, disappointed by the team’s spirit, Pierce predicted that the Clippers would exit in the first round of the playoffs. According to the star, Lue’s pessimistic view of the team in the final months of the regular season will have negative effects in the postseason.

I see a team that is probably going to a first round exit. We’re at the end of the year and I’m hearing words like ‘no identity’ and ‘we're soft'.
Paul Pierce via Undisputed

The Boston Celtics legend added that the Clippers are going downhill at the wrong time. The former athlete believes that during this time teams should bond and find their rhythm to get ready for the playoffs. However, the Clippers are facing quite the opposite situation, currently losing six of their last nine games. Therefore, the star has no faith in the team.


Paul Pierce chooses James Harden over Kawhi Leonard as a bigger superstar

James Harden joining the Clippers has turned out to be a great decision for the team. Despite having three stars on the team, the Clippers were struggling to reach their full potential. After The Beard joined the team, the team’s momentum changed and the Clippers ended up being at the top of the Western Conference.

However, some might argue that the guard is a bigger superstar than Kawhi Leonard. Celtics veterans Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett discussed the topic in a recent episode of the podcast “KG Certified”. Pierce asked KG for his choice and he picked Leonard to be a bigger star. Pierce however disagreed with his former teammate.

James Harden is a bigger superstar than Kawhi Leonard. Kawhi won this won and Harden got the shoes people buy Harden. He is the bigger superstar than Kawhi.
Paul Pierce via KG Certified

Taking into consideration that Leonard has won two championships, Pierce still believes that Harden’s star reputation is larger. The 46-year-old believes that Harden has been more influential in the league than Leonard. Pierce may not be wrong considering Harden’s popularity. However, when it comes to being an all-around player and the main man of the Clippers, Leonard takes the crown.

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