Paul Pierce reveals what LeBron James has to do to become ‘GOAT of GOATs’

Paul Pierce believes LeBron James would be the GOAT of GOATs with another NBA title.

Paul Pierce reveals what LeBron James has to do to become ‘GOAT of GOATs’

Paul Pierce and LeBron James

Paul Pierce, on the show “Undisputed,” asserted that LeBron James has the chance to be the greatest of all the greatest in basketball. However, the stipulation for that status would be for the Los Angeles Lakers to win this year’s NBA title. His comments have sparked a debate within the basketball world as it does whenever the GOAT debate is reignited. 


No team in the history of the NBA has ever won the title starting from the sixth seed or lower, bar the Houston Rockets. The Los Angeles Lakers are currently 9th on the Western Conference standings with a 41-33 record and, going by precedent, have a difficult path to the title.

Pierce believes that if LeBron James was to break the norm and lead the Lakers to ultimate championship glory, then it would, without an ounce of doubt, solidify his status as the greatest. This feat would be even more remarkable at the age of 39.

This will be his greatest feat… If that doesn’t tell you GOAT of all GOATs, then I don’t know what does.
Paul Pierce via Undisputed

The Lakers have the experience to make a case for the title, combined with James’ unparalleled high basketball IQ. However, while winning his fifth championship title will boost his GOAT status, it won’t ultimately settle the debate. 


Paul Pierce and LeBron James rivalry 

Paul Pierce‘s recent acknowledgment of James’s status as one of the game’s greatest shocked most avid supporters. Pierce and James do have a complicated relationship that dates back to James’ early days with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Pierce on the star-studded Boston Celtics team.

They once met in 2008 when Pierce’s Celtics eliminated the Cavs on their way to the title, as well as in the 2010 Eastern Conference finals. However, when James joined the Miami Heat, the tables were turned as his team obliterated the C’s 4-1 on their way to a title. 

While Pierce’s Celtics team had given James a tough time early on, James was able to get the better of him later. While neither of them has expressed outright hatred for each other, there’s a sense of mutual respect between both legends and their respective contributions to the growth of their respective teams. 

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