Paul Pierce reveals why Kevin Durant is not part of ‘GOAT’ conversations with Steph Curry and LeBron James

Against the Bucks in the fourth quarter in the Sunday's game, Kevin Durant scored 0 points.

Paul Pierce reveals why Kevin Durant is not part of ‘GOAT’ conversations with Steph Curry and LeBron James

Paul Pierce and Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant has been the Phoenix Suns’ best player this season. With 27.8 points per game thus far this season, he holds the fourth position among offensive leaders. Despite this, the subject of whether he is the greatest player of all time in the game is often debated. Among the many people who despise Durant’s claim as the greatest is the legendary player of the Boston Celtics, Paul Pierce.


Paul Pierce has long questioned Kevin Durant‘s consideration of him in the same breath as Stephen Curry and LeBron James. He recently took some potshots at KD by comparing James’ and Durant’s criticism to that of James. After Sunday’s game where Durant had his poor game, Pierce criticized KD’s whole career.

I've been kinda disappointed in KD's team success-- He says why isn't he mentioned in the GOAT conversation--- If we put him at the same standard as we do Steph and LeBron, he just hasn't met those requirements.
Paul Pierce said via Undisputed

Pierce also talked about Durant wanting everyone to consider him in the GOAT section. Where he mentioned the key points for what reason they don’t call him the GOAT.

Pierce also discussed Durant’s poor play since 2021 and departing the Warriors in 2019. He believes that Durant is a generational player, but team success with the super teams he played made him win the titles.


Kevin Durant has had poor 4th quarter outings in his last 3 games

The Phoenix Suns suffered an unwanted defeat against the Milwaukee Bucks on Sunday. The Phoenix team appeared to be winning this game easily since Giannis Antetokounmpo was not playing for the Bucks. But in the match, a star player like Kevin Durant was unable to play at his best. The most startling finding though, is that Durant carried out a stat that he may wish to rectify right away.

Durant now has lost two of their last three games due to poor performance. The most startling thing, though, is that KD only scored 4 points in the fourth quarter of his last 3 games. In the fourth quarter versus the Bucks, he scored 0 points.

Even though Durant is regarded as a generational player, the majority of the community does not believe he is the greatest of all time. Despite not having the same advantages as James or Curry, he is still one of the most significant players in the NBA.

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