“I’m coming to them games and yelling the same thing!” Paul Pierce vows to give Draymond Green taste of own medicine during farewell year

Paul Pierce played 19 seasons in the NBA, leading to a Hall of Fame jacket.

“I’m coming to them games and yelling the same thing!” Paul Pierce vows to give Draymond Green taste of own medicine during farewell year

Paul Pierce wants to trash-talk Draymond Green in his final season

Paul Pierce, the Boston Celtics legend, played for 19 seasons in the NBA. In his final two years, he played for the Los Angeles Clippers. Heading into the 2016-17 season, Pierce announced that it would be his last year in the league. That led to a certain trash-talking match between him and Draymond Green. Now Pierce wants to return the favor during Green’s farewell tour.

Paul Pierce was a guest on The Draymond Green Show. While talking about the trash-talking that supposedly led to a beef between the two, Pierce asked Green when he would announce his farewell season. Green replied;

I can't because somebody is gonna do me like I said to you and then......I'm f*cked.

To this, Pierce replied;

I'm to coming them games and I'm yell the same thing you yelled to me. Please announce your last year.

Pierce alluded to Green telling him during his final season that Pierce does not deserve any farewell tour. Basically Green was trolling Pierce as though he wanted a farewell tour like that the late great Kobe Bryant received the previous year.

Always known as the tone-setter during his career, Pierce went up against Green who was the current tone-setter for the Golden State Warriors. The Los Angeles Clippers were one of the toughest teams in the Western Conference at the time, and Green was making sure his team had the upper hand in the mind games. That is why Green trash-talked Pierce using the farewell tour as a sticking point.

He knew that mentioning the farewell and comparing him with Bryant would rile Pierce up. And Pierce’s outspoken leadership would mean that mentality would spread to the rest of the Clippers teammates. Now, Pierce wants to return the favor when it’s Green’s turn to end his illustrious career.

Paul Pierce and Draymond Green as elite trash-talkers

Everyone knows how much Draymond Green loves to talk trash to opponents. As he revealed during this discussion with Paul Pierce, his tone-setting defense was backed up by trash-talk. It is still his favored weapon to mentally defeat the opposite team. Although sometimes he has gone too far in trying to set that tone, he has used that ability to unsettle the opposition mentally. It is a hallmark feature of his game.

Paul Pierce was one of the most habitual trash-talkers in NBA history. On the Celtics, Pierce was the leading superstar. He led the team in scoring as well as defense, all while setting the tone. And he used trash-talking to enforce the tone on his opponents to great effect. An NBA title and a Hall of Fame jacket are proof that his tactics worked.

Pierce respects Draymond Green’s game as an undersized center who is also one of the best defenders and playmakers in the league. But he wants to leave that respect aside to give Green a taste of his own medicine during his farewell tour.

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