“How could someone…” – Reggie Miller BLASTS James Harden for discarding MVP Joel Embiid’s partnership at 76ers

James Harden controversy - Reggie Miller's shock and a possible move to China.

“How could someone…” – Reggie Miller BLASTS James Harden for discarding MVP Joel Embiid’s partnership at 76ers

Reggie Miller (image via Getty Images) and James Harden (image via Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

Reggie Miller, the NBA Hall of Famer, is among the many puzzled by James Harden’s decision to part ways with the Philadelphia 76ers, especially when he would be playing alongside current MVP Joel Embiid. Miller voiced his confusion on NBA TV Live, comparing the situation to iconic duos in the league’s recent history.


“Joel Embiid was the MVP last year… Have you ever heard of someone not wanting to play with an MVP? How could someone want out from playing against the reigning MVP…Think about this! That’s like Jamal Murray saying, ‘I don’t want to play with Jokic’. Or Kris Middleton deciding he doesn’t want to team up with Giannis,” Miller stated. He further drew a parallel with the Miami Heat’s powerhouse era, saying, “Can you imagine Dwyane Wade wanting to leave MVP LeBron James?”

James Harden’s recent comments have further fueled the narrative. While on his China tour, he openly criticized Sixers GM Daryl Morey and declared he wouldn’t play for an organization with Morey in charge. Despite his wish to depart from Philly, there has been a noticeable lack of interest from other NBA teams, perhaps due to Harden’s age and declining offensive ability.

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James Harden hints at playing in China

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James Harden (image via Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Harden has shown interest in playing basketball professionally in China. During his recent visit to the country, Harden was overwhelmed by the reception from his fans, leading him to consider the possibility seriously.

“Every time I come here, the love is just like … it’s crazy, you know what I mean? So I feel like they deserve to actually see me come play here. … Love is always crazy here.” Harden remarked, hinting at a potential stint in China’s basketball league.

Given that Harden is nearing the latter stages of his illustrious NBA career, a move to China seems likely. His admiration for his Chinese fans, coupled with the current situation with the Sixers, could open the way for an unexpected yet exciting chapter in his basketball journey.

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