“Nobody liked him anyway” Richard Jefferson ecstatic over “close friend” Robert Sarver’s withdrawal from Suns ownership

Former NBA player Richard Jefferson gets honest about Robert Sarver stepping down as owner of the Phoenix Suns and Mercury

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Richard Jefferson has always stuck close to the league ever since he retire playing professional basketball in the NBA. He remains on good terms with everyone he had been associated with in the past but except recently accused Robert Sarver who stepped down from ownership of both his Phoenix teams.

Richard Jefferson
Richard Jefferson

The former Cleveland Cavaliers player expressed his appreciation towards this particular move and claims to be extremely happy for the Phoenix Suns and Mercury. “Why is everyone so serious? This is amazing! He’s gone! This is awesome. I think this is the best thing that could happen to this league.”

“He is a part of the fraternity and family that I belong to and I could not be happier to see that man walking out of the door. Why? Because even though I did not have these experiences, I had close friends that did… even though these weren’t my experiences, I am so happy that this man is gone. He doesn’t belong in this league. He doesn’t belong near people in this league,” Richard Jefferson continued.

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Suns and Mercury announce Robert Sarver’s departure

Robert Sarver
Robert Sarver

Amid all the criticisms the league received, Sarver’s co-owner had requested that he stepped down from his post. The Phoenix Suns organisation eventually broke the news to the public with this statement, We agree that Robert Sarver’s decision to sell the Suns and Mercury is in the best interest of the organization and community.”

“We also know that today’s news does not change the work that remains in front of us to create, maintain and protect a best-in-class experience for our staff, players, fans, partners and community. As we’ve shared with our employees, we acknowledge the courage of the people who came forward in this process to tell their stories and apologize to those hurt.”

After Sarver was asked to resign, he was allegedly on the look out for potential buyers. For his actions, the NBA and Adam Silver admitted it was only the owner who had to power to step down. From the league’s side he was banned for an entire year and fined $10 million. The Suns and Mercury will continue to move ahead in creating a better space for their associates as they have stated.

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