“The worst contract in NBA history” Scottie Pippen’s brother’s medical condition led to him being UNDERPAID as $18 million steal

“The worst contract in NBA history” Scottie Pippen’s brother’s medical condition led to him being UNDERPAID as $18 million steal

Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen endured a hard childhood as a result of two tragedies that affected members of his huge family. Prior to Scottie starting high school, his father had a stroke and Robbie, the elder brother of the former Chicago Bulls great, suffered a paralysis after a wrestling match in gym classes. Pippen was greatly impacted by growing up with two family members in wheelchairs, and the Bulls were able to convince him to accept a five-year, $18 million contract because he was afraid to venture outside of Chicago. The contract and Pippen pay history indicate that the Bulls legend was underpaid when he was with the organization, despite the fact that Pippen supported Jordan in leading the team to numerous championships.


In the end, Scottie Pippen was a superb basketball player who had the potential to earn much more money throughout his NBA career than he ultimately did. He was actually the league’s finest two-way player, able to guard every position while also scoring a lot of points and setting up shots for both himself and others. The Bulls forward is arguably the most complete player to ever exist. The discussions for a supermax deal with a 25-year-old Scottie Pippen would last 30 seconds in today’s NBA. Pippen would receive a deal that would begin at his maximum salary and last however long he desired but that was not the case back in the day.

Scottie Pippen- The epitome of a two-way player!

When the Chicago Bulls selected Scottie Pippen in the 1987 NBA Draft, they gained one of the greatest small forwards of all time. In the future, Pippen would rank among the most accomplished and diverse players in the history books of the sport. Pippen’s all-around performance was a perfect complement to Bulls star and franchise face Michael Jordan. One of the most dangerous teams of two-way talents was formed with the assistance of their scoring, defense, and playmaking. At 6′ 8″ and 228 pounds, Pippen was able to guard any position and was frequently charged with slowing down the greatest player on the other side.

Scottie Pippen’s career saw him win six championships, and he was a crucial part of the Bulls’ spectacular 1990s dynasty. To name a few of Pippen’s individual achievements, there are the seven times he was an All-Star, the seven times he was selected for an All-NBA Team (three times for the First Team), and the eight times he was selected for the All-Defensive First Team. Additionally, in 1996 and 2022, he was ranked among the NBA’s Top 50 and Top 75 Greatest Players of All Time, respectively. The Bulls retired Pippen’s No. 33 after he announced his retirement in October 2004.


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Scottie Pippen entered the league in 1987 and signed a rookie contract for six years, but after helping the Bulls win their first championship in 1991, he decided to accept a five-year, $18 million offer rather than getting waived right away. Pippen had more than two years remaining on his old contract, so he didn’t have a lot of negotiation power and he didn’t even appear to consider that. The ability to provide for his family and establish financial stability was the most crucial factor. Despite being a top-5 player in the league and contributing to the Bulls winning six championships in eight years, he was only paid 122nd in the league.

With only two years remaining on his contract, things may have turned out differently if Pippen had given all of this some thought before signing the extension. But the league made up for it, and in the five years after the 1998 breakup of the Bulls, both the Houston Rockets and the Portland Trail Blazers rewarded the ten-time All-Defensive team member over $57 million. Particularly the second-most significant player on one of the greatest teams in sports history, Pippen may have won his six championship rings thanks to the Bulls’ mistreatment of him and the frail pay structure he was a part of, it contaminated the entire experience and all but destroyed it.

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