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“He’d join Kareem, Jordan, LeBron, Magic, and Duncan” Shannon Sharpe believes it is impossible to take Stephen Curry out of the Top 10 if he wins Finals MVP

Read and know more about Shannon Sharpe's take on Stephen Curry and how a Finals MVP will land the Chef in top-10 of all-time list.

Shannon Sharpe and Stephen Curry

Shannon Sharpe debated Skip Bayless on Stephen Curry entering the Top 10 of all-time list after he gets his hands on a Finals MVP award. He backed his whole take up with nothing but facts and even won against the biggest LeBron James hater who’s just not ready to give the correct recognition to the Chef for no good reason. Stephen Curry has once again led the Golden State Warriors to the NBA Finals and is running back for the NBA championship this year but many want him to get his first Finals MVP award and shut down the topic of him not being that great. Many also believe he’s on that list already and there’s absolutely no need for him to win the FMVP and validate himself. Shannon Sharpe though recently added another take of his to the already trending narrative.

The Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics have the NBA Finals series tied at 1-1. Stephen Curry has been unreal throughout the two games and is running coast to coast like a two-way player does. He is so far the favorite one to win the FMVP but you never know when the Celtics change the whole narrative around and have him struggling. Shannon Sharpe though correctly discussed the whole situation and quoted: “I don’t know how you’d (Skip Bayless)keep him out of it. He’ll be one of a handful of players. He’d join Kareem, Jordan, LeBron, Magic, and Duncan as the only players to win multiple regular-season MVPs, multiple titles, and a Finals MVP. Think about it there’s only a handful of guys.” Further, he talked about the impact the conference Finals MVP award will have in the future and went on to appreciate the greats of Stephen Curry for the way he has changed the game.

Shannon Sharpe

Shannon Sharpe appreciating and praising the 34-year-old young man for the impact he has while not being in a great size and body is unreal. As he brought in LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kobe Bryant to the conversation and quoted: “I think that’s why people short-changed him,” Sharpe said. “He’s not 6’9″ like LeBron. He doesn’t have the physicality of a Shaq. He doesn’t have the athleticism of Jordan or Kobe. He’s like 6”2’… You never gonna be like Mike. Kids now, ‘I can really be like Steph. I can shoot the three. I might not take off from the free-throw line, but I can shoot that three-ball.’ He’s changed the game.”

Stephen Curry with the WCF MVP Award

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Shannon Sharpe on Stephen Curry winning the Finals MVP

Shannon Sharpe

Shannon Sharpe rides with the Warriors’ franchise star to join the top-10 list of all-time. But that’s only possible if he wins the championship and FMVP this year. But the road is rough and even Shannon Sharpe knows it as he said: “If he were to win the title. He has to win Finals MVP, he just can’t win the title. But I don’t think they can win the championship without him playing at the level of and him being the MVP.”

Skip Bayless agreed to the whole take and had nothing in his defense. As everything said by Shannon Sharpe made complete sense and in the end, he even backed up it with the numbers and stats of the Chef for all of his Finals appearances. Stephen Curry if won the FMVP this year it will surely be for the history books as many mouths would be shut downed on that particular day and he’ll officially be a member of the G.O.A.T debate. As he is already the greatest shooter of all time.

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