“He will go be an Eddie King and Five Heartbeats” Shannon Sharpe firmly believes Kevin Durant will be heading back to Warriors

Shannon Sharp believed that Kevin Durant is paving his way back to the Golden State Warriors team. Sharp represtents his trade package and that seems interesting enough for both Nets and Kevin Durant.

Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry in 2018
Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry in 2018

Kevin Durant’s trade request from Brooklyn Nets turned the league upside down, as the player with such quality and with a readymade long-term contract has never been traded before in history. One of the modern-day superstars in the league, Durant has immediately become the talk of the NBA world. Many teams looked at the possibility of adding KD to their roaster and also are aware of the “Trade value” of the star. 33-years old Durant still has the ability to transform a team into a potential contender with his scoring and basketball IQ. Many NBA pundits lauded the timing of the decision, while some criticized the “slim reaper” for trying an easy way out to win championships. Shannon Sharp and Skip Bayless discussed the possible trade destination for the Nets Marquee star.

Though there are plenty of speculations about teams that could be in the hunt to acquire KD, as per reports Durant has shortlisted the Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat as preferred teams. But the trade is not so easy for either team, as they might have to break their core to accumulate KD in the mix and may also give some of their future picks to sweeten the deal for the Nets.

So many teams are getting their virtual chances with many fan-made and analysts discussed possible trades. A popular rumor that has been thrown around was the idea of Durant returning to the Golden State Warriors. Speaking recently on “Undisputed,” analyst Shannon Sharpe said that he believes Durant should return “home”, where he was most comfortable playing his game.

Can Golden State Warriors and Kevin Durant reunite?

Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry
Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry

Golden State Warriors is not on Kevin Durant’s list, but who won’t want to play with a perfect team that has proved their mantle in the recent decade. Although the two parties have a previous history, Golden State certainly has assets of all forms to get the deal done. They have great young talent and future picks also to entice Brooklyn Nets. One of the most interesting things as far as the Warriors are concerned is that they need not have to dismantle their core in order to get the former 2-time finals MVP.

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Sharp weighs in for the proposal, “If the Nets want young talent and draft picks, the only viable option is the Golden State Warriors…KD will go be an Eddie King and the Five Heartbeats…I feel like going home.”

Shannon sharp made a package with Andrew Wiggins, Jonathan Kuminga, Wiseman, and some future 1st round picks for the Nets to accept the trade. If needed, they can add Jordan Poole to the mix to make the deal even sweeter for the Brooklyn franchise. As for Durant, he gets to play in the championship team with the Core of Klay-Steph-Draymond intact, and also could repeat the title with some additional role players.

But an important thing to discuss here would be, is Golden State Warriors interested in de-assembling their future stars for KD, who left them back in 2019 for the Nets? Also, they have delivered 2 championships without Durant on the team, making a very strong statement themselves in the league. It would be more of a favor to the Durant and Brooklyn Nets team than the Warriors if such a trade gets materialized. So the chances are very slim that Cap-space worried Warriors may go for KD again this preseason market.

Kevin Durant with the FMVP in 2017
Kevin Durant with the FMVP in 2017

Either way, 4-time scoring champion KD has still shown the ability to be one of the best players in the league. He’s found himself in the running for the MVP award on numerous occasions and with proper support, he might even win his 3rd NBA Title in near future.

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