“Steph is the greatest shooter but…” Shannon Sharpe picks Damian Lillard over Stephen Curry for THIS reason

Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard are one of the most prominent names in the NBA.

“Steph is the greatest shooter but…” Shannon Sharpe picks Damian Lillard over Stephen Curry for THIS reason

Shannon Sharpe picks Damian Lillard over Steph Curry for long distance shooting (Nightcap Podcast)

In the ever-growing constellation of NBA superstars, the quest to crown the ultimate shooter is a saga that never dims. Golden State Warriors superstar, Stephen Curry has long been revered unanimously as the greatest shooter of all time. Yet, Damian Lillard’s recent pyrotechnics in the 2024 NBA All-Star Game has thrown a spanner in the works. Former NFL tight end, Shannon Sharpe would even go for Dame if it’s about shooting from a longer distance.


Lillard is riding high on his All-Star Game MVP accolade after a 39-point spectacle that saw him sink two half-court beauties. This reignites the long-standing debate yet again: Who rules the roost when it comes to long-range bombardment? Even though Curry is known for revolutionizing the three-point shot throughout the league, Sharpe is planting his flag in Lillard’s camp.

Shannon Sharpe opined on the Nightcap podcast:

I think Steph [Curry] is the greatest shooter, but when it comes to distance? I don't think anybody can beat Dame Dolla [Damian Lillard]… Just shooting? Steph's probably it. But from distance? (shakes his head).

Sharpe’s daring opinion has stirred the NBA community, igniting a passionate defense of Curry’s reputation as the greatest shooter ever. Both have reliably made these long-range shots when necessary, but Shannon champions Dame’s approach, emphasizing his confidence in taking such shots even when they’re not crucial.


The tale of the tape this season does little to quell the discourse. While both sharpshooters have yet to register a bucket from beyond the 35-foot frontier, Lillard’s artillery from 30-plus feet appears to edge out Stephen Curry statistically, lending credence to Sharpe’s standpoint.

Damian Lillard’s dream team snub will SHOCK you

The NBA world is reeling from a bombshell dropped by Milwaukee Bucks’ newest superstar, Damian Lillard. Interestingly, he recently revealed his dream starting five which surprisingly didn’t have teammate Giannis Antetokounmpo. During a buzz-worthy event for Lillard’s newest sneaker, the Dame 9, Dame chose LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and Bam Adebayo to round out his dream team.

Damian Lillard with the new Adidas Dame 9 basketball shoes (Sneaker News)

Choosing Adebayo over Antetokounmpo has really stirred the pot, sparking intense speculation about Lillard’s true motives. Some fans see this as a hint that Lillard might be looking to leave Milwaukee, fueled by rumors of his interest in the Miami Heat during the last off-season. Others think it’s a subtle dig at Antetokounmpo, raising questions about Lillard’s loyalty to his team and their internal relationships.

This bombshell drops as the Bucks grapple with a rather underwhelming season, going from championship favorites to seventh in the league. Critics say leaving out Antetokounmpo might hurt the morale of a Bucks team trying to get back in sync.


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