“Will have three kids in 12 months span…” Shannon Sharpe reacts to rumors of Jalen Green getting Draya Michele, model, and stripper pregnant

Shannon Sharpe reacts to rumors about Jalen Green having three kids as the 22-year-old continues to dominate on the court.

“Will have three kids in 12 months span…” Shannon Sharpe reacts to rumors of Jalen Green getting Draya Michele, model, and stripper pregnant

Jalen Green and Shannon Sharpe

Jalen Green, the 22-year-old Rocket, has been caught in yet another rumor. Following Draya Michele’s announcement that she will be having a child with Jalen Green, the media and fans have already started throwing shade at the age gap. 


For context, Michele is 39 years old and is in a relationship with Green, who is 22 years old. However, things took a rather ugly turn when two other women also claimed that they were having Green’s kids. 

A model had already claimed that she was having Green’s child. But recently, a stripper has also come out with the same statement, only this time she said that she has the same due date as Michele.

As expected, this news made fans wonder about Green’s future, eliciting a plethora of reactions online. Shannon Sharpe commented on Green’s situation, as he was surprised with what is to come for Jalen Green if the rumors come out to be true.

A mode claimed she had Jalen Green's baby last month. While a stripper claims she and Draya have the same due date. If true, Jalen Green will have three kids in a 12-month span.
Said Sharpe.

At the time of writing, these rumors haven’t been confirmed yet, and there has been no response from Jalen as of now. Although the Rocket has serious off-court issues, Green has not lacked when it comes to the game.

At this point, nothing would matter to Green other than a chance at play-in contention. The Rockets are on a nine-game winning streak, slowly approaching the playoff seed. 

Jalen Green and the Rockets are pulling off the impossible

Following the All-Star break, the Rockets were 1-4 in their first five games and on the verge of playoff contention. After this losing stretch, the squad went on to an 11-1 stretch, now just a game behind the 10th seed. 

Green led the way, dropping two 40-point games recently. In the last 10 games or so, Jalen has averaged 27.8 points, 5.7 rebounds, and 3.5 assists, while shooting over 51% from the field and over 41% from deep.


The Rockets have made a serious comeback since the All-Star break, led by Jalen Green, Fred VanVleet, and Dillon Brooks, the only experienced pair on the roster. With 12 games remaining in the regular season for the Rockets, they face a rough schedule. Out of these games, six of them will be against some of the top teams in the league.

Looking at their recent performance, the Rockets shouldn’t have a problem getting past any of them. It will be interesting to see whether they manage to make a spot in the Play-In tournament by the end of the season. 

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