“I’m gonna kill you” – Shaquille O’Neal almost bullied a kid to DEATH despite father’s stern warning

Discover how Shaquille O'Neal, once a schoolyard bully, transformed into an NBA legend and beloved comedian.

“I’m gonna kill you” – Shaquille O’Neal almost bullied a kid to DEATH despite father’s stern warning

Shaquille O'Neal player turned investor (Image credits - CNBC)

In the realm of basketball, Shaquille O’Neal is a name that conjures up images of absolute power. He wasn’t simply one of the biggest players on the floor; at 7 feet 1 inch tall and more than 300 pounds, he was also one of the most powerful. Shaq, though, was just an imposing presence trying to find his place in the world for a very long time before he made his imprint in the NBA. This is the tale of a young Shaquille O’Neal, who was once the biggest bully before a defining moment forever altered his outlook.


Even before entering the fifth grade, Shaq was already outstripping his peers throughout his formative years. He was a target for mockery because, at a towering 6 feet, he was clearly head and shoulders above the other kids. Many students in school can be nasty, as is sometimes the case, and young Shaq was no exception to the taunts and jeers. Shaq had the chance to confront his tormentors, though, thanks to his enormous size. He had no trouble intimidating others and taking revenge on those who made fun of him. But a crucial occasion altered his life’s course.

 During a conversation with Graham Bensinger, Shaq described this occurrence, he stated, “One day, I had a spit wad and I threw it at the chalkboard. It splattered and this kid rats me out. Prior to that, my father said, ‘If you get suspended again, I’m gonna kill you. I’m going to beat you like you’ve never been beaten before. You’re irresponsible and you’re a medium-level juvenile delinquent.’ I go to the office. Three days (suspended) and now I gotta go home and I already know what I’m getting when I get home. But before I go home, I’m gonna whoop your a*s.”

“So I’m beating this kid up and I’m kicking this kid and he has an epileptic seizure. It’s just me and the kid, and he’s on the ground shaking. Now, I’m frightened. A guy comes and saves the kid. I got home and got disciplined, and my mother said, ‘You’re too big and too strong. You can’t ever do that again.’ That kinda stayed with me. I didn’t want to do that anymore. Let me go to Plan B. I was always the class clown, funny guy. So I just stuck with that rather than being a bully.”


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Shaquille O’Neal’s transformation: From bully to beloved comedian and NBA icon

Shaquille O’Neal’s life appeared to change as a result of this encounter. He became aware of the consequences of his activity as a result of the remorse and anxiety that followed them.

Shaq laughing
Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq made a conscious decision to modify his strategy after that day. He chooses to be the class clown and the humorous person rather than the bully, making people laugh rather than frightening them.

Shaq kept this lesson with him as he set out on his life’s journey and used humour and a warm demeanour to win people over. This shift from a bully to a comic played a significant role in creating the amiable, flamboyant personality we are familiar with. The basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal proved that even the worst bullies can change and transform into something better. He not only dominated the NBA with his incredible skills, but he also captured the hearts of millions with his contagious humour and goodwill.


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