“It was really offensive” Shaquille O’Neal claimed to have a foursome with Venus Williams 

Venus Williams didn’t take this well as she exposed Shaq’s fabrications, which garnered international attention.

Shaquille O'Neal and Venus Williams
Shaquille O'Neal and Venus Williams
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NBA Hall of Famer and arguably the most dominant big man, Shaquille O’Neal has never shied away from delivering unfiltered takes and opinions. Perhaps the same could be analysed when the Los Angeles Lakers claimed to have a foursome with tennis sensation Venus Williams. This claim took the latter so hard, that she publicly decided to call out the big man. 

While appearing on a radio show, Shaquille O’Neal was as ruthless as ever and decided to bring Venus Williams. The falsehood claim angered the 42-year-old to such an extent that she decided to bring down hell upon Shaq. However, this probably wasn’t the first time, Shaquille O’Neal had gone overboard with his words. But to have claimed to have s*x with Venus Williams and two other woman, could not be tolerated by the sporting legend. 

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What was opinionated by Shaquille O’Neal? 

Venus Williams
Venus Williams

Well even if Shaq decided to mention Venus in any sort of a humorous way, it surely did not sit well. In particular, Venus Williams didn’t take this well as she exposed Shaq’s fabrications, which garnered international attention. Additionally, this prompted him to retract his statement and apologise. I clearly and unequivocally deny ever having had a sexual relationship with Shaquille O’Neal, Williams stated. “I’ve never even met him. 

“Only once, a few years back, while watching an L.A. Lakers game, did I get to meet Shaquille. If Shaquille said it in jest, it was really offensive, and I am very offended.” 

Shaquille O'Neal
Shaquille O’Neal

It is indeed safe to say that Shaq learnt his lesson the hard way for being ever so thoughtful about his words and how to respect other female companions. However, if this incident would have taken place in 2022, surely Shaq was heading into some jail-time to get himself filtered. But guess, this could be regarded as one of the luckiest escapes for the NBA Hall of Famer. Safe to say it is unlikely that Shaq would really have been perturbed by the cancel culture with him bound to fight fire with fire. 

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