“Some farted… who farted on the bench?” Shaquille O’Neal recalls a hilarious instance on Miami Heat bench during 2012 playoffs

Shaquille O'Neal bring in the joy and add comic sense to the sports analysis as he points out most unnoticed incidences while commenting on the game. Check out one such moment here

Shaquille O'Neal laughing at the Miami Heat incident
Shaquille O'Neal laughing at the Miami Heat incident
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NBA’s Dominant force Shaquille O’Neal was unstoppable even off the court and in his early days of “Inside the NBA” he just proved to be the same with yet another hilarious instance from his Miami Heat days which left fans rambling on the floor.

NBA is a game to enjoy, and some light moments give fans a relaxed view of the game. So, when in nail-biting serious games you get to recharge yourself with a dose of laughter – we have got just the perfect guy for you. Shaquille O’Neal has always been the life of the party – on the court and off the court as well. Ever since the big guy came into the NBA, he was eye candy for the people with his plays and antics on the floor. He was famous for his pranks, his witty replies, practice session fun, and FREE THROWS. Every team he played with or even against loved him while the stories about him that his former teammates tell are truly wild. Though he was a serious guy on the court- Shaq has carried the fun side of him throughout his career since the start o his career, and then became a beloved part of TNT’s “Inside The NBA crew” after the on-court services. 

It was the early days of his media days, where he was all suited up to give his views on the game and players – but people weren’t exactly sure about what to expect from Shaq as part of the media. He remained the same character behind the mic as he was in the parties as O’Neal gave them a taste of the sort of fun he would be bringing to television screens during a 2012 show involving a game that the Miami Heat were playing. 

Shaquille O’Neal Sees everything and even smells everything

Shaquille O'Neal on TNT Show
Shaquille O’Neal on TNT Show

Commenting on a game or a play is not an easy task. The person commenting has to be aware of the game, and must possess a great deal of knowledge to dissect the game for the fans. So, when 4-time NBA champion and 3-time Finals MVP Shaquille O’Neal joined the media team for the same – everyone was certain about getting deep insights now and then. But Shaq being Shaq added his version of analyzing the game though delivering his message perfectly to the fans.

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While Shaq’s legendary jokes with Charles Barkley have now become a common experience, there was a time when he had just joined the team. They were covering the 2012 game between Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls – where James was hungry for his 1st NBA Championship and the Bulls were roaring in the league capturing the top seed.

Host of the show Ernie Johnson looked at the game as an “early playoff game” considering the intensity and close battle on the court, and as he looked at Shaq for his insights Shaq said, “This game is very, very playoff-like, guys are very serious, guys are playing great. But this is something you cannot do on the bench”

He gave his views on a hilarious ‘unseen’ incident on the court as he added“Figure out what goes on right, this is something you can’t do. Right now Coach Spoelstra, he just gave a speech. This is something you cannot do on the bench. Somebody farted. Who farted on the bench? And the fart goes four deep. So intense they had to let it go.” 

Shaq’s hilarious commentary brought laughs out of the entire crew and it’s no surprise that this was something O’Neal was quick to notice. One can only imagine what Shaq would have reacted like if he had been on the bench instead of in the studio watching the game – don’t imagine. 

Well, O’Neal has never looked back since his early appearances on the show; he brought up humor to the reporting and analysis – which was then followed by many other similar shows as well. He got his show “Shaqtin a Fool” on the same grounds and is considered one of the funniest shows in the NBA.

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