“Oh f*cking sh*t” Shaquille O’Neal recalls been pulled over by a cop in hilarious incident

Shaquille O'Neal reveals when he got pulled over by the cops and being let go because his height was amusing

Shaquille O’Neal was someone out of the usual when he entered the NBA in 1992. It was very rare to find somebody of his size and weight to move around as quick as a guard. This is what allowed him to elevate his game and dominate over opponents of different positions.

Shaquille O'Neal
Shaquille O’Neal

The former Los Angeles Lakers center was extremely successful because of what he was able to do standing at 7″1 feet tall. But little did he know this would be used as a reason to be pulled over by the police. The Big Aristotle revealed an incident that took place when he bought himself a brand new Buick car.

“I had so many people ask me about Buick, that I went out and bought one, and one day I was driving from Atlanta to Florida, speeding, and then a cop pulled me over. ‘License and registration, please,’ and then when he came at the window, he said, ‘Oh sh*t, you really do fit,’ and he let me go, I was in a Buick, I fit.”

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Shaquille O’Neal and his annoying history with the law

Shaquille O'Neal in his police uniform
Shaquille O’Neal in his police uniform

Shaquille O’Neal was unusually very tall growing up. The Hall of Famer stood over 6 feet tall before he turned into a teenager and by the age of 13, he was much bigger than Stephen Curry now. This was what allowed him to master the bully ball techniques as he dominated the paint.

Speaking about running in with the cops, this was not the first time he almost got called on. Earlier in the day, Shaq and his currently television partner Kenny Smith, had their children studying in the same school. One day, Smith’s son recognised Shaq and asked to go for a ride with him.

As Shaquille O’Neal and Smith’s child went to get a haircut, the father who barely knew Shaq personally was about to call the police on the center. Putting aside these incidents, the big man himself is a certified sheriff in the state of Georgia.

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