“I’m broke but will always speak facts” Shaquille O’Neal responds to Kevin Durant calling him a BILLIONAIRE

NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal calls out Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant after he stated that Shaq is a billionaire.

Shaquille O'Neal, Kevin Durant
Shaquille O'Neal, Kevin Durant

Earlier today, Shaquille O’Neal was attacked by Kevin Durant on media , who has been participating in the drama. A lot of back-and-forth has taken on between the NBA analysts and some of the most well-known players in the game. One athlete who has never absolved anyone who has been the target of his criticism is Durant. When the media has ex-players on their side who are excellent at that talent, like Charles Barkley and O’Neal, the four-time scoring champion has been one of the top trash talkers on the players’ side.

Following Shaq’s remark on why current players, like Rudy Gobert, receiving $250 million contracts, KD said that Shaq was being humorous since he is now a billionaire. O’Neal decided to inform Durant that he is not a billionaire, adding that he was in fact broke but that he always talks frankly. Additionally, he praised KD for finding it hilarious. 

Shaquille O’Neal retaliates at Kevin Durant’s ‘billionaire’ comments

Although Shaquille O’Neal isn’t a billionaire in the usual sense, he is an extremely smart investor who has made several brand acquisitions. Shaq and Rudy Gobert have frequently argued in the past about the contract deal that Rudy signed with the Utah Jazz. Despite having one of the lowest shooting percentages in the league, Gobert is one of the most paid players. Shaq still doesn’t like the price point, but he makes up for it by becoming one of the finest defenders the game has ever seen.

The Slim Reaper then strongly objected, saying that the older players are simply jealous since this generation earns far more money than they did in the past and as a result, they engage in dividing insults and comparisons.The wage cap expands as the NBA expands quickly, and players are entitled to greater salaries. Kevin Durant, who belongs to the current generation, inked a lucrative agreement last off-season that will pay him close to $50 million year.

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Just to put it out there, Shaq is worth $400 million, and they have every right to be jealous. With Miami, Shaq earned his highest salary of $27 million, bringing his lifetime earnings near to $300 million. Even yet, it’s quite sick to see how the realities of players earning that much money these days, especially with Gobert earning $250 in five years and Shaq being 10 times more dominant than Gobert in terms of player superiority.

There will always be tension between the new generation and the more experienced players. With his comments, Durant stood up for all of his teammates, especially in light of recent media disputes between former players and the salaries of current NBA players. Shaq, Rudy, and KD will all be content with the money they have. Future generations will benefit more financially from these contracts as long as the sport remains successful.

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