“You ain’t playing no fu****g defence out there” Sixers veteran Danny Green destroys Patrick Beverley with Luka Doncic diss after Chris Paul slander

Patrick Beverley's comment on Chris Paul defense didn't go well with some of the player, as Danny Green fire some hot shots at Minnesota Timberwolves star.

Danny Green on Patrick Beverley comments
Danny Green on Patrick Beverley comments

Phoenix Suns’ loss was kind of Patrick Beverley’s gain – as he took a dig at his ’beloved’ Chris Paul for some poor offensive leadership against Luka Doncic. But Danny Green cleared the remains after that as he tried to slap harsh reality against Beverley’s face with his comments.

After elimination from the playoffs, Patrick Beverley started to appear on various ESPN’s talk shows and put up his views on the postseason matchups. As fiery as Pat is on the court, he never shies away from the bold comments over the game and even on a player. Beverley took shots at Chris Paul after the Phoenix Suns were crushed by the Dallas Mavericks in Game 7 of their Conference Semi-Finals. Patrick said that the future Hall of Famer “literally can’t guard.” But Philadelphia 76ers guard Danny Green wasn’t sure about Patrick and considers “Bev” has a leg to stand on with his criticism of Chris Paul’s defense.

Green provided support to Chris Paul while he was on NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Inside the Green Room. Green reminded Beverley that the Wolves lost to Memphis Grizzlies 4-2 in the 1st round of the playoffs, and said, “you ain’t playing no f***king defense out there.”

Danny Green keeps no stone untouched while destroying Patrick Beverley

Patrick Beverly mocks Chris Paul
Patrick Beverly mocked Chris Paul

3-time NBA Champion, Danny Green has a very quiet-player image on the court but is surely a very competitive one. He is known for his long-range shooting and fairness in perimeter defending. But Danny let loose while answering Patrick Beverley’s comments.

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“People target you too, Pat Bev. You ain’t playing no f–king defense out there,” Green said. “You ain’t stopping Luka [Doncic]. It’s time and time again I see Luka call your ass ‘little man’ and ‘he’s too f–king small’ and go right at you every chance he got. When you play Luka you’re a cone, too. How would you like that? Put that out there, I’ll say it twice.”

Beverley had very criticizing comments on Phoenix’s loss and specially targeted 12-time All-star, Chris Paul. “CP can’t guard anybody man. … You know those cones in the summer that you dribble around? What does the cone do? Nothing. He’s a cone,” Beverley said.

Green suggested that Patrick Beverly was unfair and his comments were “the disrespect … a little far.” He also added that Beverley is clearly holding on to a “personal vendetta” against Paul. “I don’t mind certain guys critiquing players, but you’re a role player, to disrespect a Hall of Famer is too far,” he added. “Pat Bev, you’re not stopping Luka either. There’s not many people on the planet that are stopping Luka.”

Danny was not the only one who was upset with Beverly as Kevin Durant also showed some support to Paul. So did Matt Barnes as he said, “People will be talking about Chris Paul, when he is gone, but they won’t be talking about us – role players when we are gone.”

In reality, Paul and the team couldn’t stop Luka Doncic from draining basket after basket in epic Game 7 showdown. But Paul was a member of 7- all defensive 1st teams, while Beverley was a member of just 1 such team. So his comments on Chris could be a “bit too far” considering the accomplishments player in the discussion had.  

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