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“Without LeBron/KD/Kyrie, Steph is the most beloved” Skip Bayless calls out NBA for propagating for Stephen Curry after Ja Morant suffers brutal knee injury

Read and know more about Skip Bayless' hot take on National Basketball Association as he believes the league will favour Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors.

Stephen Curry and Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless is back in the headlines as he fires a shot towards Stephen Curry and the National Basketball Association after JA Morant gets injured. He is the biggest LeBron James hater and so his criticism for the whole league as an association and Stephen Curry still has him mentioned. But this time his take is viral and all over the internet and has fans divided like always. But unexpectedly, this time many believe it makes sense. Skip Bayless like always mentioned that the league is favoring superstars and this time it is Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors as JA Morant gets injured. He even called the league soft while giving out his opinions and views on the future of Warriors-Grizzlies series.


The western conference semi finals between the Golden State Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies was the most interesting match-up so far. But now with JA Morant being injured the Golden State Warriors will have an easy road to advance even analyst Skip Bayless believes that. The game 3 was an embarrassing 30-point loss for the Grizzlies as late in the fourth quarter they lost their all-star guard and leader JA Morant to a knee injury and the blame for it is on Jordan Pool. As while reaching out for the ball he grabbed his knee. It is currently the biggest controversy in the league as a statement or a decision waits on it. But Skip Bayless has added another hot take to it as he thinks the league will favour Stephen Curry and the Warriors in the situation. He was also not happy with the suspension of Brooks after his flagrant foul on Gary Payton II.

Jordan Poole, JA Morant and Andrew Wiggins

Kevin Durant, LeBron James and many other superstars have been wiped out of the post season so far and Stephen Curry is only the one active OG left in the conversation. So the league will protect him for the business side is a belief of many and Skip Bayless is probably their leader as keeping it simple and straight recently, he attacked the association with his take.

Stephen Curry

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Skip Bayless’ hot take on the league needing Stephen Curry

Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless after the game 3 ended and made the road quite easy for the Dubs after they got the dub and registered the lead criticized the league with a tweet from his personal Twitter handle and quoted: “Now Ja’s knee issue has flared up. The NBA must be ecstatic. LOOKS LIKE STEPH WILL ADVANCE. Without LeBron/KD/Kyrie, Steph is the most beloved! Steph is in every other commercial! The NBA needs HIM – not some Dillon Brooks from some Memphis. #NationalSoftballAssociation”

There are thousands of reactions to offer for this wild take of Skip Bayless. Like every other time the internet is divided with his take but the criticism for him and his tweet is more. As many believe it may make senses but it is senseless as the Warriors don’t need the league to favour them to advance as they can get it done by themselves because they are the better one in the matchup. But some fans are also backing him up as they believe that’s how the game runs which of course can’t be confirmed but surely isn’t real. Find some of many such reactions posted by fans on social media platforms here below:

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