“Why wouldn’t LeBron settle for less?” Skip Bayless controversially urges how Tim Duncan was more valuable than LeBron James

Giving an example of NBA legend Tim Duncan, Skip Bayless thrashes LeBron James yet again using the comparison between their impact and relative Payscale. Here are all the points the observant analyst had in mind.

Tim Duncan, Skip Bayless, and LeBron James
Tim Duncan, Skip Bayless, and LeBron James

LeBron James is up for a contract extension. Los Angeles Lakers are trying hard to tie down their megastar for a longer period, with his recent performances for them. But Skip Bayless isn’t impressed with LeBron James’ pay scale. As per Bayless, LBJ is not taking a pay cut to maximize his chances of winning another ring with the LA Lakers. The four-time NBA MVP is eligible to sign a two-year deal worth $97 million until June 30th, 2023. If Lebron takes a lesser value contract, the Lakers could generate cap space to sign another max player next offseason.

Los Angeles Lakers have sacrificed their future picks and rights in mega deals for Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook. So, they could struggle to add low-value young players who are eager to thrive on the big stage in their team. And also they don’t have heavy trade assets to land any megastar in trade. So free agency remains their best bet, and having more money would certainly help them land better prospects.

Keeping this in mind Bayless suggests James to take a pay cut to improve LA and his chances of winning another chip. Skip wrote on Twitter, “Help me out: Why wouldn’t LeBron take far less $$$ from the Lakers to maximize chances to win 1 more ring??? He’s a BILLIONAIRE. In 2013 and ’14, Tim Duncan took only 10 mil! The spurs should’ve won both years. Another reason why Duncan was more valuable than LeBron ever has been.”

Skip Bayless uses Tim Duncan’s example to entice LeBron James to take pay-cut.

Lebron James, Skip Bayless
Lebron James, Skip Bayless

LeBron James is a megastar in the league. At the age of 37, LBJ had one of the best seasons of his career individually. He averaged 30.3 points, 8.2 rebounds, and 6.2 assists per game, shooting 52.4% from the field, finishing in the top 3 scorers list. But the Lakers as a team had a poor season and wrapped up their season in 82 regular season games only. In order to give them some chance in upcoming seasons, the Lakers might need to add some star role players around their 2020 Champion pair – LBJ and AD.

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Holding onto the same point, Bayless suggested LeBron take a pay cut. He mentioned Tim Duncan’s example. The Hall of Famer took a $10 million pay cut in the 2012 offseason, signing a three-year $30 million contract. That helped the San Antonio Spurs make the NBA Finals in 2013 and 2014. They were beaten by James’ Miami heat in 2013 but they came back and won the title in the very next season.

In the current era of max and supermax contracts, it is very rare to see a player of LeBron’s status talking lower wages for his services, but then a somewhat similar thing is observed in Philly with James Harden ready for a low-value contract which surprised many pundits. He opted out of his $47 million player option and will earn around $33 million in the first season of a two-year deal worth $68.6 million with the Sixers in order to give the franchise some financial flexibility.

Just to highlight Skip’s comparison, Duncan however experienced a decline in his performances and production while it was Kawhi Leonard and other young stars delivering for the Spurs. In contrast, James’ performances haven’t drastically declined, even though some might say that they had gone northwards.   

As of now, if rumors are believed, LeBron James had productive discussions with LA Lakers about extension. LeBron James’ agent, Rich Paul of Klutch Sports, told ESPN that the LA Lakers and the player had a productive discussion regarding his extension. It was also reported that LeBron James could seek an extension worth $47 million for the 2023-24 NBA season with a player option for the 2024-25 campaign.

LeBron James with Anthony Davis
LeBron James with Anthony Davis

King James is keen to stay with the Lakers as Anthony Davis is proving to be his best on-court partner. Things could change dramatically for the Lakers if LBJ decides to stay with them, and other stars could take a pay cut to join him at the franchise.

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