“Have you ever seen anybody be accused of quitting, by their owner?” Skip Bayless cripples LeBron James supporter on why he will never be the greatest of all time

Skip Bayless explains why LeBron James will be never move from the top ninth spot on the all time great list

LeBron James will have a tough few seasons ahead of him before he makes the choice to retire from playing basketball. Entering year twenty will be a huge step forward in his legacy besides the change he brought to league and  being at top of his game even at the age of 37. The gap between today and the day he retires will be absolutely crucial for his legacy.

Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook and Lebron James
Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook and LeBron James

After the recent failures of the super team he created alongside Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis, the front office of the Los Angeles Lakers is in a very tough spot. The franchise hired a new head coach, Darvin Ham who played against Bron in the earlier parts of his career. What the Lakers need is a piece that will back up the King on offense with the ability to lead in his absence.

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LeBron James sets off to a remarkable journey in the NBA

LeBron James
LeBron James

LeBron James has a tremendous career with the NBA. Drafted in 2003 as the number one overall pick, he immediately rose to dominance averaging 31.4 points, 7 rebounds, and 6.6 assists per game in his third year since turning pro. The 18-time All-Star has four NBA titles as well as four league and finals MVP awards. Besides the accolades, he also is on pace to becoming the all-time leader in points scored.

His name often comes into conversation with another GOAT by the name of Michael Jordan. Many believe MJ had a complete different and unique look on dominance as a player which Bron does not show. The Chicago Bulls legend averaged a career of 30.1 points, 6.2 rebounds, and 5.3 assists per game. Both players have shown great skill during their time in the league. This debate may never be settled, unless somebody gets sent from the heavens to debunk the conversations for good.

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Skip Bayless explains why LeBron James is not top five worthy

Skip Bayless
Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless has been a huge critique for LeBron James. The legendary sports columnist has always been brutally honest with his takes especially with James’. Even though he claims to have a lot of respect for the veteran, he explains why the Laker is not worthy of being top five. He said, “I have Larry Bird at eight, one ring above LeBron James. So I ask you was Larry Bird ever accused by his owner of quitting in a playoffs series?”

“Because LeBron was in 2010, he just faded and disappeared in games four, five and six against the Celtics and his owner Dan Gilbert accused him of quitting, quitting? You’re kidding. That never happened to Larry Bird. Did Larry Bird ever suffer a single Finals meltdown the way Lebron did in 2011 against the Dallas Mavericks when in games four, five and six? He flat out crumbled and shrank and disappeared. The chosen one became the frozen, one I’d never seen anything like it before.”

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