“Holmgren is a starter but not quite star” Skip Bayless issues major warning to OKC fans after ‘franchise-changing’ Chet Holmgren draft

Oklahoma City Thunders selected Chet Holmgren as 2nd overall pick in 2022 NB Draft. But native Skip Bayless warns OKC fans against getting excited by the draft. here are some of his pros and cons

Skip Bayless talks about Oklahoma City Thunders Chet Holmgren
Skip Bayless talks about Oklahoma City Thunders Chet Holmgren

Sports Analyst Skip Bayless warns Oklahoma City Thunders fans not to get excited by the addition of their newest talisman Chet Holmgren. As per the 70-year-old sports media personality, the youngster would never reach the expected highs in the league in the recent years.

Every Oklahoma City Thunder fan had their eyes on the Thursday night draft as they had 4 picks in total including to overall number 2 pick. The front office prioritized the center position and selected talented Chet Holmgren as their 1st and 2nd overall pick in the draft. Adding young stars to the “rebuilding” Thunder’s team was vital as they would be in a position to challenge for the trophy in the next 2-3 seasons with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander as their main man. But veteran NBA analyst Skip Bayless requests OKC fans to exercise patience over the seven-foot Chet Holmgren, though the player is a potential starter.  

As per Bayless, Holmgren has a lot to prove, and his achievements at the college level would make little difference when it comes to NBA. Physically also he needs to get stronger to compete in the paint area.

Has Oklahoma City Thunder found a Gem or Skip Bayless warning to pour cold water on the hot Chet Holmgren?  

Chet Holmgren selected bu Oklahoma City Thunders
Chet Holmgren selected by Oklahoma City Thunders

OKC Thunder GM Sam Presti is one mastermind when it comes to trades or draft picks. He played a crucial role in Paul George and Russell Westbrook trades over the years He currently has a plethora of draft picks in the coming future. To be exact OKC owns accumulated 17 first-round draft picks over the next 5-years.

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But talking about the 2022 NBA draft, the Thunder chose Chet Holmgren as 2nd overall pick in the draft. The young star was one of the most anticipated picks in the draft, and the thunders had very little presence in the paint. Adding Gonzaga Bulldogs’ big man, OKC made sure that they will have a talented young prospect at the position in need. Holmgren is an elite two-way player.

As a freshman at Gonzaga University, Holmgren averaged 14.1 PPG, 9.9 RPG, and 3.7 BPG. Seven feet tall, the Minneapolis native is known for his shot-blocking skills and has nice ball-handling ability also. He can play in the paint and even shoot from the range.  

Interestingly Oklahoma City-born Skip Bayless doesn’t seem too much excited about the pick. He stated that a player can be a starter in OKC but could not be a star player for the team. This could be a big blow to Holmgren’s dreams. He even stated that “he is going to be the best NBA Player” when asked about the same before the NBA draft. While Holmgren is still to play his first NBA game, Bayless has already expressed his apprehensions regarding the versatile player.

The OKC rookie has a 7″6′ wingspan. The OKC big man is skilled, with 3-point shooting being one of his strengths along with shot-blocking abilities. The young rookie fits the bill perfectly alongside Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Josh Giddey. Standing above seven feet, Holmgren isn’t the strongest and may have to work on putting some muscle though.

Chet Holmgren
Chet Holmgren

As per an experienced sports analyst, Holmgren will take his time to grow on you but hopes he’s not a bust. Along with Chet Holmgren, Thunders will have 2 new fresh faces from 1st round picks. They have selected Santa Clara’s forward Jalen Williams as the 12th overall pick and got international star forward Ousmane Dieng from New York Knicks as the 11th overall pick. OKC also traded their 30th overall pick, Peyton Watson, to Denver Nuggets.  

We will have to wait and see How Chet Holmgren delivers on the floor, with so many promises being made well before the NBA Draft. OKC faithful will be hoping to prove to Skip wrong on this prediction though.  

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