“Can’t believe Bron outlasted Skip” – Skip Bayless’ show reaches all-time low audience since Shannon Sharpe exit; fans react

Skip Bayless signed a four-year deal with FS1 for $32 million.

“Can’t believe Bron outlasted Skip” – Skip Bayless’ show reaches all-time low audience since Shannon Sharpe exit; fans react

Skip Bayless, LeBron James and Shannon Sharpe

For Skip Bayless and Undisputed, things only seem to get worse. According to reports, the show is currently averaging fewer viewers, which is not surprising given its long history of struggles.


The show couldn’t draw in enough viewers, despite its modified panel, causing them to be mocked for different reasons.

Jon Lewis of Sports Media Watch reports that Undisputed’s mid-morning hour had an average of only 48,000 viewers. This is the lowest viewership for an Undisputed show since it resumed airing in September of last year. Additionally, it’s only Skip Bayless that is having trouble, while other Fox Sports 1 shows are performing well and seeing appreciable increases in viewership.

Shannon Sharpe was one of the reasons, and the other—which has strong support—was his criticism of LeBron James in his performances. Bayless was never afraid to poke fun at the Los Angeles Lakers star.


When James became the first player in NBA history to score 40,000 points in his career, everyone celebrated the accomplishment, but only Bayless had doubts because he was a poor free throw shooter and a below-average three-point shooter.

His work has been impacted in some way by his hate speech directed toward LeBron James. Even with the NBA playoffs, NFL draft, and NCAA Sweet 16 approaching, viewership is down. He is receiving criticism for staying on the show and trolling over his show stats.

Fans react to Skip Bayless show all-time low audience

As one of the top-paid hosts on the network, Skip Bayless has had a remarkable career as an analyst. However, fans mostly disliked him, particularly for his deadly digs at James.

His show’s performance was also subpar due to the absence of his former co-host, Sharpe. People are already complaining about the recent report that his show is receiving fewer views. This might be the end for Undisputed and Bayless. Sharing a wide spectrum of reactions online, here’s what fans have to say:


Signed in 2021, Bayless has a $32 million, four-year contract with FS1. However, the show’s declining statistics could lead to his termination as an analyst. For the sake of the show’s ranking and better content, FS1 must make some decisions and take action.

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