“Let’s go deep on LeBron or Steph or You” Skip Bayless takes Twitter feud with Draymond Green to next level

Skip Bayless is looking to settle the score with “New Media” self-proclaimed leader Draymond Green, as after a series of tweets, he challenges Green for debate

Skip Bayless and Draymond Green
Skip Bayless and Draymond Green
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Draymond Green kept all the receipts of the critiques received during the 2022 season and after deuly winning the Championship, he is returning them to the respective analyst. Sports TV personalities Skip Bayless and Kendrick Perkins have been his main targets for many days now. Both made huge comments on the Warriors’ Star and the team also during their run in the regular season and postseason too.

Kendrick Perkins had just a short reply to the 32-year-old athlete, while Sports analyst Skip Bayless called out Draymond Green in his most recent comments about the Golden State Warriors star as their feud continues to rage.

Skip Bayless has been in the industry for many years now and is no stranger to feuds with NBA players. He also had commented on NFL Stars and many big-name players around the US Sports. He was heavily trolled and criticized for his comments, but he kept his stand firm on every occasion. But now, Bayless’ recent issues with Green could be considered as his most intense situation, where he is questioned over his knowledge of the game.  

Skip Bayless is not looking to back out against Draymond Green

Skip Bayless
Skip Bayless

Draymond Green nearly declared war against “Old Media” or “Traditional media” people, who, as per Green, tear down athlete reputations and morale in order to keep their show run. As per Green Skip Bayless was the one who started it with his debates shows, and targeted LeBron James for no reason.

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70-years old analyst clapped back at Green on Twitter after the player’s comments about the long-time sports analyst, “Hey, Draymond Green … There you go again, taking shots at me from a safe distance. Let’s go head-to-head, your podcast or mine or both. Let’s go deep on LeBron or Steph or YOU. Or anything NFL since you’re the ‘New Media.’ Real talk. Not fake-tough-guy stuff. I’m waiting …”

Draymond Green, JJ Redick, and CJ McCollum are active on media now a day, and are taunted as “New media”. But their shows are gaining popularity and even positive response from the fans. With the rise of “new media,” there has been significant pushback from the traditional media. People on both sides of the issue have been taking shots at one another.

Skip Bayless is leading for the traditional media, while Draymond Green is talking on behalf of New Media. It was obvious that instead of daily exchanges – Bayless wants a one-on-one conversation with Green, so through the tweet, he called out the 4-time NBA Champion Green.

Draymond had already rejected talking directly t the experienced analyst, and also stated that he won’t be part of Draymond’s show either. As he considered that any debate with Bayless would be a shameful affair for Skip only. So, fans will need to wait to see if Green changes his mind about doing a show with Bayless.

Skip Bayless, Draymond Green
Skip Bayless, Draymond Green

With Draymond Green’s profile rising in the media, he has been a significant part of the “new media” movement. His new approach continues to conflict with traditional media. During a recent podcast episode, Green expressed his views about Skip Bayless and the established media.

Skip added Steph and LeBron as topics of discussion with whom Draymond has a lot of game time on the court. Green defended his colleagues from the media outrage and would have many additional things to support them again. But interestingly, Green focuses on the “Game tactics, playing style” in his podcasts while Skip’s reporting is completely opposite to it.

We won’t be able to figure out the winner amongst the debate between Warriors’ DPOY and Skip unless they sit across the table.

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