Spurs star DISSES Devin Booker after Victor Wembanyama and co. destroy Suns

In the second half, tension flared between the Suns' Devin Booker and the Spurs' Jeremy Sochan.

Spurs star DISSES Devin Booker after Victor Wembanyama and co. destroy Suns

Devin Booker, Jeremy Sochan and Victor Wembanyama. (Image via The Independent & Yahoo)

In light of recent events, the Phoenix Suns went up against the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday night. During the second half of the game, fans witnessed tension that rose between the Sun’s star Devin Booker and the Spur’s Jeremy Sochan. During the NBA regular season, the San Antonio Spurs played two games against the Phoenix Suns. In both games, they made impressive comebacks after being behind by 25 points.


During these two games, players from both teams engaged in some heated banter/trash talk on the court. However, things heated up in the second half when Jeremy Sochan of the San Antonio Spurs blocked a shot from Devin Booker, a star player for the Phoenix Suns. This block ultimately helped the Spurs secure a victory.

Following the blocked shot, Booker was seen talking some trash to Jeremy Sochan while returning to his team’s offense. Despite the Spurs winning 132-121, Sochan made it clear on Twitter that they came out on top, saying, “They lost, post the rest.” Fans were surprised and supported the star’s declaration in favor of the team.

However, Devin Booker, who just recently recovered from an injury, dropped 31 points in his first game of the regular NBA season leaving fans and analysts stunned with the star who was one rebound away from a triple-double that night. On the flip side, Jeremy Sochan of the Spurs has been consistent with his performance so far in the season by tying a season-high with 14 points and having a career-high of nine assists.


Victor Wembanyama made history dropping 38 points, earns praises from Kevin Durant and Devin Booker

The NBA’s 19-year-old rookie phenom Victor Wembanyama is the only name, the league is talking about. The Spurs rookie dropped an impressive score of 38 points against the Phoenix Suns on Thursday night. Victor Wembanyama put up a show for the fanbase of the Spurs and put them in a state of awe as he led the team to a 132-125 win against the Phoenix Suns.

Victor Wembanyama still receives criticism after Stellar performance
Victor Wembanyama (via Yahoo Sports)

Players on the court especially the two-time NBA champion Kevin Durant along with the Sun’s star Devin Booker applauded Wembanyama for his impressive game.

Devin Booker when asked about Victor Wembanyama in a media interaction said, He’s an unbelievable talent, and continued to say:

Everyone knows that. We’re just trying to figure out what he is because we’ve never seen him before. We got him early in the season. Hopefully, next time we play him we can make some adjustments to make it tougher. 

Booker also acknowledged that Wembanyama’s lanky 7’4″ built that give him the advantage over his opponents. Subsequently, helping him to leap and shoot over everybody.


Similarly, the two-time NBA champion Kevin Durant praised the No.1 pick of the San Antonio Spurs and said:

I don’t see anyone else like him in this game, We’re both skinny and I know he watched me growing up, but he’s his own player. 

Kevin Durant praised Victor Wembanyama, noting that his passion for the game is evident on screen, or when playing against him. He believes Wembanyama is a unique player who will forge his distinctive path in basketball.

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