“Might need to stay in a hotel in San Francisco,” Steph Curry proposes hilarious suggestion to beat Warriors’ home-game curse

The Warriors are 13-6 in their last 16 road games.

“Might need to stay in a hotel in San Francisco,” Steph Curry proposes hilarious suggestion to beat Warriors’ home-game curse

Stephen Curry hilariously reacts to Warriors' home and away record.

The Golden State Warriors are currently the 10th seed in the Western Conference standings. The team has been through many ups and downs when it comes to winning this season. Their record for wins has been inconsistent for a while now.


Last season the Warriors were thriving at their home games, but were struggling on the road. This season, things have changed in the opposite direction. The team has won 13 of their last 16 road games. After losing four from the past six, Stephen Curry was asked about the opposite record this season. In the post-game interview, Curry hilariously reacted to the stat.

We might need to stay in a hotel in San Francisco and act like it's a road game.
Stephen Curry at the post game interview

The guard looks at the record positively and believes that the team’s away wins have helped them stay in the competition. According to the 36-year-old, the team can rely on their road performances and stay consistent on the wins to secure their spot in the upcoming playoffs. The Warriors need to keep this streak alive considering their five games out of seven are on the road.

Another factor that is essential for the success of the Golden State Warriors both home and away is the availability of Draymond Green. The center has already been ejected 4 times this season much to the dismay of fans and teammates alike. His last ejection came in just 4 minutes of the first quarter against the Orlando Magic. This evoked quite an emotional response from Curry. Considering that the team is at the last spot in the play-in tournament, any type of winning streak is a necessity.


Steph Curry is not bothered by the Warriors 10th rank

After the Warriors lost against the New York Knicks on 18th March, Curry talked about the team’s performance in the press conference. The guard talked about the loss at home and added that the team needs to protect their home court in the play-in tournament and potential playoff series as they move ahead.

Further, the star was asked about the team’s standings on the table and the gap between them and the 11th-seeded Houston Rockets. Despite the loss, Curry was satisfied with the team’s performance and believed that the performance mattered more than the standings.

Honestly, who cares what seed you are if you play like we did tonight.
Stephen Curry at the post gaame interview

Curry believes that a few wins will not help the team to move forward in the standings. Rather the focus of the team for now is to play better and not aim at the standings. Recently, Curry also revealed that he still has faith that the Warriors can improve and beat any team in the upcoming play-in tournament and further in the playoff series.

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